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Nov 22

Guest Post: Why Vehicle Tracking is Environmentally Friendly

As well as saving companies’ money, vehicle tracking and remote asset management systems are also good for the environment, for a number of reasons. With trackers put into practice, businesses that utilise large fleets of vehicles can cut down considerable amounts of waste.

Firstly, by using fleet management, firms can perfect their routes to cut down on emissions, which also saves money.

It’s a well-known fact that waste is itself one of the biggest contributors to environmental damage, and being users of fossil fuels, most commercial vehicles are adding to this with trips that are unnecessarily long and time-consuming whilst all the time releasing greenhouse gases. The profits of firms also suffer, and those that don’t ‘trim’ the fat in simple areas like this, where fuel and labour are being squandered, are likely to fall down in other areas of business.

Imperfect routing is one way in which companies lose money, but another is bad driving habits. Trackers let firms analyse the time periods that the vehicles on their roster are left to idle, are driven over the speed limit, and the frequency of sudden braking. An excess of all these factors wastes fuel in the long-run, and although it may seem Orwellian to spy on employees this way, correcting these faults is relatively easy. Even if tasks are completed by workers in acceptable amounts of time, firms that do not have tracking technology to hand are unaware of any needless detours or when cars are left running, things that both waste fuel.

GPS tracking provides a wealth of statistical info that can be used to raise general efficiency and ultimately reduce the firm’s carbon footprint and environmental impact.

After a while, company procedure can be altered in order to make it easier for current and new employees to follow best practice with regards to their job, which will eventually cut down on waste and become part of the culture of the business.

Almost all unmonitored vehicles are wasting something, whether that’s fuel, labour or time, and GPS tracking can help put businesses find out exactly where that is.


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