Eco Friendly Kitchen Appliances

If you happen to be an environmentally conscious citizen of a world that increasingly needs people with green concerns, then you will undoubtedly want to invest in ways to make your home as eco-friendly as possible. You can start the process by checking out these appliances as a way to green your kitchen.

Countertops. If you’re on the lookout for a new countertop, consider one made totally of recycled materials such as glass and concrete that can be purchased with specific color schemes in mind. You can also look into countertops made completely of natural minerals or of materials such as paper or hemp.

Cabinets. When seeking out ways to replace painted kitchen cabinets, you need not utilize wood or particle board. Look for alternative solutions such as cabinets made from wheatboard that are made from wheat straw. Make sure that the finish is non-toxic.

Ways to save water. You can cut down on your water usage by running the dishwasher only when you have filled it to capacity. If you are preparing to replace your already existing one, look into water efficient models that can significantly cut down on energy and water usage.

Coffee time! Like your coffee cold? Invest in a coffee maker that makes ice-cold coffee without electricity. It also saves on paper by using a non-disposable, permanent coffee filter.

Induction stoves. By using electricity to produce a magnetic field that reacts to your iron-based cookware, induction stoves produce heat in a way that cuts down on energy expenses because your stove never gets hot, and your food is cooked more quickly. These models are more energy efficient and are especially attractive when compared to a gas or electric stove.

Baby, it’s cold inside. When purchasing a new refrigerator, consider your needs and don’t buy one that is too big. You can also look into new greener models that use less energy by installing glass doors that allow you to look in without opening the door unnecessarily.

Hot, hot, hot. Newer stoves are making preheating almost obsolete, which means less energy is wasted when compared to your older model oven, which can take ten to fifteen minutes to heat up.

Antiquing! Recycling doesn’t just apply to your newspapers or old glass bottles. Many older varieties of kitchen appliances, including countertops or cabinets, can be found in antique or junk shops. Obviously they’ve lasted this long, and can often easily be refurbished.

Find your light. Installing a skylight or increasing the size of your windows adds natural light to your kitchen that can help you save on power bills. Reduce sun damage by making sure that the glass you use has solar shading and low heat emission.

Greening up your kitchen will help the environment and give your house a healthier, happier feel. You can stay eco conscious while helping your community by buying your produce and other goods from local suppliers, including outdoor and farmers’ markets. In this way you contribute to businesses that don’t rely as much on fuel being burned to deliver their goods to you. If you’re worried about your carbon footprint, you can always ride your bike, which is good exercise as well!

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