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Fun Ways to Go Green!

There’s no age limit on being environmentally conscious, so kids and parents read on for fun ways to go green! A recent survey carried out by The Co-operative has shown that 90 per cent of young people are interested in green issues, and six out of 10 parents said it was their children that were the ones persuading them to go greener. So, here are my Top tips for a greener family lifestyle:

Walk to school
Walking to school and back instead of getting your parents to drive you will help to save on fuel as well as reducing your family’s carbon emissions. It will also give you the chance to get some exercise, but if your house is a bit too far away you can always take the bus or train instead. Check to see if there are walking buses available for your school – if not, why not set one up yourself?

Ask your school to participate in the Green Schools Revolution
The Co-operative’s Green Schools Revolution is a programme designed to inspire young people to get involved in environmental issues. You should ask your teacher about it and see if you can’t get your friends and their parents involved in the effort as well. Your school can sign up to the programme for free and will be given access to all kinds of classroom activities, as well as being treated to eco school field trips.

Visit a working farm
It’s really interesting to see exactly where your food comes from – even if you think you know how it all works a working farm can open your eyes to the difference between organic and free range, and help you to understand what’s in season when it comes to fruit and veg. There are plenty across the UK so get going!

Download the Green Schools Revolution app
While you are waiting for your school to sign up to the Green Schools Revolution you can download the programme’s free app. It can be used on iPads, iPhones and the iPod Touch and is available for free from the App Store now! Search ‘Green Schools’ in the App Store or visit the Green Schools Revolution website. It will help you to learn more about eco issues and it’s also really fun. Each game has a time limit and you will need to turn off all the taps, flick all the light switches off and harvest all of the crops before time runs out. There’s also a secret bonus level that you can unlock – but only if you manage to beat every level beforehand. Good luck!

Dani Butlerson writes on behalf of the Green Schools Revolution who have recently launched their Green Schools app to help children learn about the environment and encourage eco-friendly measures.

Clay Miller
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