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Top Five Weight Loss Mistakes

Since appearance has become one extremely important factor and increased awareness in people in general regarding evil effects that increased weight may lead to impose serious concern in this regard. The best way of successfully doing it is through understanding the basics. Taking less quantity of calories and burning more will have great outcomes as far as weight loss is concerned. Though people throughout the world are making efforts to keep the weight under control here are a few vital points one need to remember.

1. Taking Same Amount of Calories Everyday
Learning the basics here are a few things one need to know.

Let’s assume your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is 1,500 calories and the amount of calories intake through food and number of calories burn either through work out or other tasks average burning ends up on 2,200.

Now as an individual just reading somewhere that decreasing the amount of calories by 500 will result in weight loss of one pound.

Now after initiating efforts to decrease the calorie intake by 500 you start realize there is no alteration in body fat. You may either wonder whether metabolism has been done at slower rates. Did it even happen after long period of starvation?

The Answer

Amount of calories required for a healthy individual is 2,200 per day. From last few years you have been taking near about 2,900 calories per day. Thus even after decreasing it by 500 constant intake of calorie is 2,400.

In order to actually lose weight one need to consume 500 lesser calories than you actually burn and require. Thus it’s very important as an individual for you to know the exact amount of calorie and intake of food in order to lose weight.

2. Unable to Boost Metabolism
Numbers of people believe they are unable to boost metabolism the way they want to. Increasing it to 50-100% almost seems impossible. Here have a glance:

Biological advancement state, that an individual making efforts to increase the metabolism may show obvious signs like increased rate of heart beat, higher breathing speed and starts feeling thirsty.

When it comes to increasing your metabolism, experts of bodybuilding and fitness concerned people use Clenbuterol Drug. It has been considered as one of the most effective remedy for increasing metabolism. It boosts your metabolism and numbers of symptoms stated above are appeared.

There arise a question whether such remedies will actually be able to make you feel as that after you workout. The answer is a big no.

See, one must not consider it healthy to feel sweaty, thirsty and tires always since taking such medicines may lead to serious health hazards. Though increasing metabolism rate is one good to apply remedy but making artificial efforts such as taking drugs is seriously not advised.

3. Starvation Mode Theory
Another thing people are not exactly aware of and make inappropriate presumptions is Starvation mode. It states that not eating sufficient quantity of food may lead to further fats. Thus the theory ultimately guides to increase the amount of food intake. See what really happens in such situation is your body slows down the process of metabolism, since the amount of food is just not enough.

Recent studies have made it clear that for quite extended period there is no actual effect over fat or body weight through lesser calories and without any serious alteration in metabolism rate. Before getting at least 5% fat vanish, it is quite an impossible task actually to reach starvation mode.

Another fact is Fatty individuals can easily make oxidization in comparison to those, who not have the same. Oxidization has direct relation with your body fat. Therefore, reaching the minimum limits will certainly slow down metabolism. It has been the reason why at later stages it becomes more difficult to get rid of excess of 4-5 ponds.

So it is possible to lose weight with any diet without worrying about slowing down your metabolism, even with fasting diet, until this is a diet you are able to follow in long term.

4. Misconception with Six Meals per Day Diet
The basic idea was introduced through fitness freaks and bodybuilders. It was considered as one of the most effective way of losing weight, at the period it was first introduced.

Once a body builder gains above 250 pounds of weight he starts making efforts to keep the daily diet less than 2,400 calories. Even after that it’s quite an excess amount of calories intake in comparison to an average healthy individual. The idea was to take 400 calories every time and doing it for 6 times will result in 2,400 calories exactly. It was believed that including such diet a bodybuilder will start losing weight.

When it comes to an average built woman with the height of 5’4, it is not that easy. The six times diet totaling 2,400 calories will still be on the higher side for her. Taking 1,300 calories in a whole day and dividing it for six times requires just 220 calories each time. It is equal to one banana and half cup of yogurt. Banana size will definitely make the difference in total calories intake. You certainly would have realized how difficult it becomes with six meals plan to maintain the calorie intake.

Eating such short amount of food for six times is equally difficult as that of preparing it in kitchen. It is one of the basic reason people use supplement to remain fit.

5. Not realizing the Actual Outcomes of Work Out
While doing exercise you can burn calories, let’s understand it with an illustration. Suppose a person who weighs average can walk for 5 miles around for one hour, then this enables him to burn an exact amount of 500 calories. In some situations if you wish to walk for an extra hour with the same diet as you were taking previously, then you are enabling to burn off 1 extra pound which is a very surprising fact.

But you must be very careful about diet control and calories in taken as a slight increase over the food cannot give you satisfied results. If you perform 7 hours exercise for losing 1 pound fat, proves to be a very effective task. In actual you have to put your focus more on eating less rather than burning. Routine exercise and proper diet can assist you to maintain body fats. You can simply put off your weight by following a regular and well mannered diet.

This is a guest post written by Will from Sprained Ankle Institute.
He also writes about new alternative healing methods.

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