5 Things We Can Learn From Australia

There are a few things we can learn from our distant neighbors in Australia. United States can learn a few things from the Aussies, it seems they are taking ‘Going Green’ into their own hands. Here are a few things that are Australia is doing to help our environment:

Eco-Tourism: It is a way of travel that Australia has been promoting for years. The idea behind it all is traveling to a destination that will leave the least amount of a carbon footprint. states that eco-tourism is “ecologically sustainable tourism with a primary focus on experiencing natural areas that fosters environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation and conservation”. There are dozens of websites where you can find this kind of trips.

Toilets: Dual flush system is something that we are slowly seeing on toilets here in the United States. The dual flush system was designed by an Australianto save tons of gallons of water a year. The Australian government strongly encourages citizens to replace their one flush system if they have one. Dual flush toilet have two options, one flush is for going number 1 (less water) and the other flush if for going number 2 (more water).

Boardwalks: Throughout Australia, mostly in environmentally sensitive areas like the rain forest, raised boardwalks are built. Creating boardwalks produces one path for visitors to walk on as opposed to many paths. If there are no boardwalks then the visitor feels free to roam creating countless paths that could potential cause harm to that environmentally sensitive area.

Do not touch: Do not touch the coral or any other marine life. Many scuba divers and snorkelers don’t realize that they are doing great harm when they simply hold or touch something from the ocean. Human hands have oils that can kill or damage certain marine life. And not to mention, you never know what can harm you.

Controlled Burning: Australia is known for ‘prescribing burning’ in their savannas. Australia has learned that these controlled burns reduce the amount of greenhouse emissions. Also starting controlled burns in the beginning of the dry season can prevent natural fires toward the end of the dry season. Controlled burning is a controversial subject but definitely something worth looking in to.

It is as simple as installing a new flush toilet kit or not touching marine life; Americans are able to follow in the footsteps of Australia. Next time your travel, take an eco-tourism trip to Australia and see it firsthand. And have a G’day mate!

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