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Product Review: Exclusive Goddess Eco Jewelry

Recently Exclusive Goddess, a company which strives to be environmentally responsible without compromising fashion, style, design and trend sent me an Andromeda necklace to review. They also sent me a pair of coffee beans and chocho diamond seeds earrings I will also mention below. I usually do the reviews myself, but in this case I thought it would be best to bring in a ringer, my wife.

First off, products from Exclusive Goddess are all handmade, and died with natural products, non toxic. The seeds are handpicked after they naturally fall to the ground. For each set sold a tree is planted through Mokugift to help the UNEP in the Billion Tree Campaign. Customers choose where they want their tree planted. For more information about how to Plant a Tree Today and to join UNEP’s Billion Tree Campaign visit Mokugift

Andromeda: The necklace is tie-style with macramé, acid seeds, tagua petals and a totumo centerpiece for an elegant and sophisticated look. Sliding knot graduates the desired length each person wants. Tagua nut or vegetable ivory, is a palm native of the tropical rainforests of South America. Tagua is usually found in groups in swampy territory within the forest.

My wife has worn this necklace at work and has received several compliments. “Where did you get that? I want one!” As well as “What is their website?” are two of the most popular comments. My wife likes jewelry that is unique and attractive. She is a big fan of the Andromeda.



Pair of coffee beans and chocho diamond seeds: Coffee plants produce clusters of coffee cherries. They become bright red when they are ripped and ready to be picked. Diamond chocho is a seed from the Amazonian region of Columbia, is red and shaped like a domed saucer

My wife is a big fan of Louisville Cardinal athletics and their colors are red and black. She likes the red that pops out from the chocho diamond seeds in these earrings. She wears these earrings to the games to show of her support. They match the rest of her Louisville Cardinal ensemble.

Exclusive Goddess™ eco-initiatives include reduced toxicity in products, products have minimal or no artificial materials, energy efficiency in office and production, recycled content, manufactured with minimal environmental impact, reusability, eco-friendly packaging.

Exclusive Goddess™ is also dedicated to supporting the artisans that make all their ecoaccessories possible. Most of them are women head of households and members of ethnic and marginized communities. Is an integral component of their mission of job creation, community empowerment and economic revitalization to ensure non-discrimination on opportunities for small businesses and especially small disadvantaged business, operated by women, disabled veterans, and those located in historically underutilized business zones. Exclusive Goddess is a fair trade jewelry company. They support ethical and fair business practices.

My wife and I both recommend Exclusive Goddess and their eco jewelry. They make great unique products for anyone who loves jewelry. They also are eco conscious with the materials they use and planting trees along the way. Find out more about Exclusive Goddess below.




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