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Green Living – Going Green with Solar Fountains

We all appreciate the relaxing sights and sounds of water cascading from a water fountain. If you are lucky enough to be in an area with lots of sun, then having a solar fountain is the best way to enjoy the sights and sounds of water without harming our Mother Earth. You don’t need electricity with solar fountain, which means that non-renewable energy is not required. Just imagine how much energy you can save by using the most abundant energy for your solar fountain. By choosing solar fountain, you become green both in and out. Using solar fountains have a lot of benefits. To know more about this, keep reading this article.

  1. Use of sunlight – solar fountains work through sunlight-to-energy conversion. The sunlight allows the solar fountains to operate even without you having to run wirings into your yard. These fountains use photovoltaic cells to power the fountain and the cells on the solar panels respond to the energy coming from the sun. As mentioned earlier, solar energy is the most abundant energy and as long as you have PV cells and panels that work well, your solar fountain will never stop working.
  2. Economy and practicality – because solar fountains do not use electricity, you don’t have to worry about the energy costs associated with the use of these fountains. These fountains also provide tax benefits because the government offers 30% Federal Income Tax Credit to people using them.
  3. Durability – solar fountains are very durable. When they are used and handled properly, they can last for a very long time.
  4. Can be used both indoors and outdoors – solar fountains may be used in the garden or even in the living room. The only thing required to use these fountains is sunlight but it doesn’t mean that they can only be used outdoors. As long as they are placed in an indoor area with natural lighting, solar fountains can work as effectively and as beautifully as when they are used outdoors.
  5. Little maintenance – solar fountains require very little to no maintenance at all. A lot of people prefer to not go for outdoor fountains like solar fountains because they think these fountains require expensive maintenance but this is not correct with solar fountains as they don’t shifting parts or any dangerous materials, making them very easy and safe to maintain.
  6. Availability of different designs – with the different designs of solar fountains available today, homeowners won’t have any difficulty finding a spot for them in their homes.


There you go – different benefits of solar fountains. With all these benefits, we can say that they are not only good for green living, they are also good for almost all aspects you can think of.

About the author:
Polly Godwin has been an expert on floor water features since 1998.

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