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Feb 07

Guest Post: Why Fiberglass Windows Are Great for the Environment

So you need new windows and you’ve decided to go the green route. Great! Now you need to decide on a style. Might I suggest fiberglass? It’s great for the environment. Here’s why:

Fiberglass windows are energy efficient

One of the biggest selling points of a fiberglass widow is the energy efficiency that comes with the choice. Fiberglass has a low U-value, meaning that very little heat leaks through it. Why is this?

Fiberglass is made of lots of small strands of glass, each touching the other in only a few places. Since heat needs to move along a conductor, these small strands slow the flow, and give it plenty of time to dissipate harmlessly into the environment. This is why fiberglass windows have such a better U-value than wooden ones: their structure prevents the flow of heat.

Fiberglass windows also have a great Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC). This number describes how much heat is gained from being exposed to sunlight, so lower is better. For many of the same reasons that fiberglass windows insulate so well, they also don’t heat through as readily as, say wood or vinyl.

Fiberglass windows also have decent R-values, which describes the window’s resistance to losing heat. Many people know about R-values, but they’re not as widely used for windows as the U-number and the SHGC.

Fiberglass windows are green to make

While not every type of windows such as vinyl window is good for the environment. But fiberglass windows are better for the planet. Take for instance Integrity® windows from Marvin®. They make their window frames out of safe and recyclable materials, for example silica sand. Silica sand takes far fewer resources to create than other similar materials, and you don’t risk putting CO2 back into the atmosphere by chopping down trees. Fiberglass windows are also very durable, meaning that they will last longer. A long-lasting window means fewer windows that need to be installed, meaning fewer windows that have to be produced. Not only does that help the environment, that helps your wallet, too.

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    Fiberglass is a great resource its so much better then allot of the materials they make windows out of today and will last a long time as well.

    Thanks for the post very informative.

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