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Eco-Friendly Tips For Home and Office

Becoming an eco-warrior is not as easy as it sounds, however, nine out of ten times; it is the thriftiest option available to you. There are several methods available to you, which will help you to ‘Go Greener’ at home and in the office as well.


Eco-Friendly Tips to Adopt at Home

1) Planting a herb garden is a great way for you and your family to learn how food is produced.

2) Make sure that you change some of your light bulbs to CFLs. This will also help you save on your electricity bills.

3) Completely stop using disposable bags and switch to reusable ones.

4) One important step towards going green is to change at least one appliance to an energy-efficient one. Be sure to check the energy star label.

5) Stop using plastic disposable bottles and switch to reusable water bottles, which are also cheaper.

6) Make it a habit to always turn off lights and fans.

7) Enjoy natural light as much as you can by keeping the curtains open. Turn on lights only when you require it. Also, create as much natural ventilation as possible as natural cross ventilation helps with cooling, and also aids in removing unwanted toxic chemicals. This will also help prevent dust mites and mold.

8) Make a list before heading out to run errands to reduce the number of trips necessary. For shorter distances, walk or ride your bicycle.

9) Visit your local market and buy organic foods which are better for your health.

10) Turn everything electronic, including computers, off at night to save electricity.

11) Reuse scrap paper. You can make small notepads of the scrap paper and can keep them near your telephone or in your purse.

12) Hang your laundry out to dry in the sun.

13) Set out buckets and containers to collect rainwater for watering your garden and houseplants.

14) Use cloth for wiping rather than paper goods.

15) Limit water usage by restricting the time you take to bathe. Go for five-minute showers.

16) Turn off the water while brushing your teeth.

17) Wash clothes in cold or warm water, instead of hot water.

18) Create a compost bin, which is an inexpensive way to reduce the amount of garbage produced by your household.

19) Avoid preheating the oven for dishes that take over an hour to cook.

20) Only use the right-size pot on the stove.


Eco-Friendly Tips to Adopt in your Office

1) Make sure that you read all your files and documents electronically and completely avoid the use of printed copies.

2) Always make notes on your computer and not on paper.

3) Carpool to minimize your carbon footprint.

4) Make use of your office stairs and stop using the elevator.

5) Use email for all inter-office correspondence.

By adopting these simple and basic tips, you can be a part of the green revolution, and can help preserve the natural resources of Mother Earth.


Author Byline: Rashmi strongly believes in the concept of going green. She is a frequent contributor to Key Insurance Quotes, has written several articles and posts on how to save the environment, and also on how to become an eco-warrior.

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