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Forget the White Picket Fence, Green is the New Dream

The white picket fence represents an ideal that symbolizes the beautiful suburban life of a family, which enjoys a peaceful living in a beautiful home. Although this has been the dream of many Americans for years, more and more individuals are replacing it with a new dream, known as the “green” dream. This dream highlights a new eco-conscious attitude, which relates to finding the best possible heating and illuminating solutions that can help us to bring the ultimate comfort in our homes while saving the environment. In order to sustain these affirmations, the current article presents some of the most modern heating solutions, which can help homeowners to get the best out of their investments.

Finding the Best Heating Solutions for All Seasons and Living Spaces

It is important to know that one of the best heating solutions for homes and offices is the underfloor heating system. This heating solution is suitable for different floor coverings, such as vinyl, wood, carpet, and tiles. Additionally, you must be aware of the fact that the underfloor heating companies provide free advices on different technical details, which can help you to choose the best possible underfloor heating system for your living space.

Therefore, it does not matter whether you are extending or renovating your living space, you can choose these heating systems to complement your home. The reason why you should select this solution instead of other alternatives is because it represents the best possible option, which highlights low costs and high efficiency.

Underfloor Heating: Check the Available Products

These days, the underfloor heating companies provide a series of products, which can literally meet different demands and needs. In order to get the best possible heating option for your living space, you should check the following passages, which present the most popular underfloor heating alternatives.

  • Under Tiles Heating: In most cases, the under tiles heating systems deliver two different alternatives, namely the electric and hot water systems. While the hot water system provides a pipe layout, the electric one comes along with conventional cable matting and conventional loose cable systems. As you might already know, the electric alternatives are somehow better than the hot water options. The reason for this is that they ensure specific advantages, which relate to the most essential cable matting system characteristics that include versatile installation and short installation times especially for the systems that come along with only one core. However, cable matting also highlights some important disadvantages, such as increased installation times for the systems that use various numerous and the necessity of sticking the mats on the supporting surface. On the other side, the loose cable systems are the cheapest options, being ideal for small or big rooms. Although they require a long time to be installed, especially in awkward-shaped rooms, most of them deliver some better alternatives when compared to the cable matting options.
  • Under Carpet, Wood, and Laminate Heating: These systems are usually delivered by foil cable heating mats, which come in a variety of sizes. The foil cable heating mats are characterized by a series of properties, which include minimal wiring, primary heating unit, ultra thin designs, a great build quality, low cost, and fast response time. Obviously, due to these properties, the foil cable heating mat delivers the best possible underfloor heating solutions.

As you already know, the most important advantage of using such a system is the fact that it helps people to build a great eco-conscious attitude while saving money. Therefore, these systems can literally attract individuals by ensuring some truly important characteristics, which include a great versatility and efficiency.

The versatility of these systems consists of the fact that they can be used in any rooms, including wet areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Additionally, you should know that their efficiency does not only relate to a great affordability but also to the fact that they ensure low power consumption and high comfort factor. By simply choosing these systems and other eco-friendly products, a person does not give up on the classic American dream. He or she actually opts for a better dream, which underlines a great eco awareness that sustains the efforts of those persons who intend to help their children to inherit a healthy planet.

This is a blog post by Zander Lewis, occasional guest blogger and full time environmental enthusiast. While his interests as well as his articles span a myriad of topics, he is currently focused on bringing forth the importance of responsible heating methods to the environmental discussion. All too often do we forget our own impact, our home’s carbon footprint, one that could easily be reduced by using underfloor heating systems.

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