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Selling Your House – Making the First Impression the Only Impression

When putting your house on the market, there are some important tasks that need to be completed. Besides getting your house spotlessly clean and getting those little DIY jobs done, there are other elements that your prospective buyers will take note of, that you may not have even noticed. After all, the first impression is the only impression they will need to help them make their decision. Here, we give you a rundown of some things to make your home even more marketable to your prospective buyers.

• De-clutter – clutter is very off-putting for viewers, as it gives the impression that you do not care much for your home. When organising and clearing your clutter, adopt a resolute frame-of-mind, and think if you haven’t used it in a year, then either donate it or recycle it. Clear everything unnecessary from key surfaces like kitchen worktops and tables.

• Keep rooms neutral – that bright purple wall might be appealing and attractive to you, but it might not be to your viewers. It might be a good idea to get your paintbrush out, and keep all rooms neutral and inoffensive in colour. Go for ivory, beige and white to stay safe, and your chances of selling are bound to increase.

• Give your home a theme – having a theme running through your home is a great selling point for your buyers. Try not to go for a theme that’s too unusual or wacky. Why not go for a rustic theme if your home is in the country, and make any archaic and characteristic features, such as exposed brick or beams, focal points. The best theme for a modern apartment or flat is minimalism, so keep everything clean, sharp and neutral.

• “Curb appeal” – that is, how your house looks from the outside. This is the very first impression your viewers will get of your home, so make it the first and most important priority. Things such as mowing the lawn and keeping the surrounding areas of your home clean and clear are great starting points. Consider painting your fence or window frames if they need a freshening up. Think also about things such as your house name plate, is the name or number clear to passers-by, and is the style of your house sign in keeping with the overall exterior? Why not go for an eco house sign if your home is eco-friendly?

• Remove personal items – clear away things such as dog bowls, stacks of books, cards and any photo frames. You want your buyers to think how their pictures and decorative items would look in your home, and they can’t do that with your personal belongings there.

• Brighten and lighten – add air fresheners to your rooms to get rid of any lingering odours, and display vases of flowers to brighten and create appeal. If the weather is dull, turn a light on and open a window. It’s amazing what little things like these will do to the impression your buyers get when they walk into your home.

This content is written by Zoe who has a deep knowledge of how to improve the chances of selling your property. Zoe is currently working on behalf of house sign company House Name Plate.

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