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Mar 06

Guest Post: 5 Great Green Cleaning Resources

We can all benefit from a greener lifestyle. The benefits of healthier living and minimizing our effects on the environment should be enough to entice anyone. The long-term effects of using traditional commercial cleaning products is looking dirtier every day with chemicals unknown to consumers that can cause irritation and respiratory problems, especially when you’ve got a family to worry about. Some antibacterial products can encourage the development of “super germs,” and then there’s the countless tons of plastic that ends up in landfills due to careless disposal practices every year. So where can you go to find the best information on how to turn over a new leaf and make the smoothest transition to green living? Service Master of Chicago, a commercial janitorial service that specializes in green cleaning, has provided us with a list of their 5 favorite green cleaning and green tips blogs.

The Daily Green – This site is compliments of, and this link provides easy step-by-step instructions on how to make your own green cleaning products with simple household items. Lemon juice and Vinegar, to name a couple, might just be some of the simple and safe tricks to keeping your home clean without exposing your family to hazardous chemicals.

Treehugger – This comprehensive article not only offers tips for how to clean green, but also how to improve your homes air quality. Tour the rest of the Treehugger site for the latest in green design and technology as well.

Eco Evaluator – Similar to Treehugger, you have access to a wealth of green lifestyle information, but this particular link is to an article on cleaning green and offers information on the pros and cons of anti-bacterial products, why vinegar is an amazing cleaner, and whether or not air fresheners are safe.

DoYourPart – Yet another green lifestyle site, this particular article offers more detailed recipes for everyday cleaning products ranging from mold killers to fabric softener.

The Green Clean Review – If you’re not looking to make your own non-toxic cleaning products, this site offers a bundle of reviews and links to natural cleaning products such as Mrs. Meyers and Dr. Bonners. If you’re new to cleaning green, this is a great place to take a look around.


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