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Ways to Minimize Gasoline Consumption

Global warming, shortage of resources and climbing fuel prices are all good reasons to save some money on gasoline. Although the biggest part of emissions comes from the industry, we have to make sure to contribute our part to reduce greenhouse gases. Besides that, you can save quite some bucks the easy way. The best news is: It’s easy to increase fuel mileage!

First of all, change your driving behaviour.

As engines consume more fuel on high speeds, make sure to drive with low revolutions per minute. Switch up early and try to keep it below 2000 rpm on even surface. Only switch down, if your engine starts to cog. Modern engines are perfectly able to drive with low revolutions because high rpm are the biggest gas guzzlers of them all. When you start a trip, drive right away without warming up the engine and make sure that you combine many short trips into a long one. Short distances need more fuel.

Think about the way you use the accelerator and try to break very rarely. You should use every speed you have built as efficient as possible. Try to anticipate the traffic situation in front of you. Is there any need in accelerating more or can you simply roll out? If you’re freewheeling, keep your gear engaged to avoid idle. This way, your car will really need zero gasoline when you roll out.

If you are a fan of old-timers and big cars, you most probably consume huge amounts of gasoline. Many modern cars are built with fuel consumption in mind leading to very low gasoline demands. While your 60’s Cadillac may need 30l/100 kms, current cars can manage the same distance with 6 liters. Well, that’s just 20%, so make sure to drive an eco-friendly car!

Another way to minimize the gas consumption is to keep the weight, rolling friction and air drag of your car low. Use tyres with a low rolling friction and make sure to pump them up! Never drive with surplus weight in your car. Keep the car clean and disassemble roof racks and bicycle carriers to lower the air resistance. Even a washed surface can lower the fuel consumption a little!

Electricity generation in the car needs fuel, so make sure that you use air conditioners and heating as less as possible. Especially tools that regulate every kind of temperature are prone to waste huge amounts of energy. Rear window heating and seat heating are examples, which are not needed in most circumstances. If you can’t abstain from your air conditioner, at least try to lower your application.

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