Eco-Friendly Bathrooms: Accessories Worth Investing In

Every day more and more “green” products hit the market and it can become quite overwhelming trying to determine what we should spend our hard earned dollars on to make the best choice for ourselves and the planet. Well when it comes to eco-friendly bathroom accessories we’ve covered off a few of the options that truly are worth investing in.

Go Organic

When you choose certified organic products you help reduce the use of chemicals, which is great for the environment and it’s also great for your health. Organic cotton towels, face washers, and foot mats are available in most leading manchester stores. With the use of natural dyes you even get a choice of colours without all the harsh chemicals.

There are plenty of organic cleaning products available these days too, so there is no need to be inhaling toxic fumes. Not only that, your bathroom furniture and accessories will last longer because they’re not being exposed to harsh chemicals and those same harsh chemicals are not running down your drains and polluting our water systems.

Cleaning the bathroom with organic products is great for you and the environment and even better is when you use organic products such as shampoos, conditioners and soaps. Natural organic toiletries are great for your skin, hair and general health as you avoid toxic chemicals and fumes, which also do not end up being washed down drains to pollute the waterways.


Bamboo has proven to be a wonderful option for fabrics such as towels and even clothing. It’s soft to touch, is a fast growing plant and it looks great when used to weave baskets and create lovely bowls. Bamboo adds that natural feel to a bathroom so choosing a bamboo waste bin for example can add an earthy, eco-friendly, high functioning item to the room. Adding a few bamboo baskets to the bathroom can make storage of spare soaps, toilet rolls and even rolled up towels a cinch.


Adding a skylight might not be an easy accessory to add to your bathroom but keep it in mind if you’re seriously considering a bathroom makeover. Letting in natural light reduces the need for expensive electrical lighting, which has the benefit of cutting your bills and helping the environment at the same time. If you can’t manage a skylight at this point in time consider some type of solar lighting. There are portable solar lights available in most good outdoor supplies stores or even hardware stores.

Non Toxic Paint

Painting a room is a great way to give it a quick lift but if you’re thinking of adding a slick of paint to your bathroom, or any room in the house for that matter, consider investing in non toxic paint. You won’t have to compromise on colour as there are plenty of options these days, just be sure to select paint that is suitable for wet areas.

Recycled Paper

Of course everyone knows that using recycled toilet paper is one way we can all help the environment. If you or other members of the household are super fussy about your toilet paper why not take some extra time to look around for the best recycled options available. You will probably be surprised at just how far recycled paper has come in terms of quality, look and feel. Give it a try; the earth will thank you for it.

There are many more ways to make a difference to the environment and as you can see it’s not that difficult to start making changes – just choosing to implement one eco-friendly change will make a difference. What it all really boils down to is for each of us to do our little bit each and every day and in the end everyone reaps the benefits.

Tauseef Hussain is a media blogger for QS Supplies, the on-line shop for Shower Enclosures.

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