Ways A Pool Pump Timer Can Make Your Pool Green (In a Good Way!)

If you are a pool owner, chances are the one aspect of pool maintenance that you loathe is running the pool pump. Running a pool pump cannot only be expensive, but in large numbers may actually impact the environment. Fortunately, this problem can be circumvented with a pool pump timer.

If your pool was recently installed, your installer may have tried to sell you on a fancy pool pump timer hardwired to your pump system. If your pool is not equipped with a pool pump timer, you can pick up and aftermarket one from most discount and hardware stores for around $10, and the benefits will be incredible. It’s also a good idea to look into pressure side pool cleaners. You can find more info about this at:

Green reasons to get a pool pump timer

Energy Savings

The most obvious benefit of a pool pump timers is the energy savings you receive. A timer prevents you from accidentally leaving the pump plugged in all day or running it during peak energy demand hours. Most electric companies will give consumers a lower rate on electricity during off-peak hours (usually from 10PM-6Am). This presents a perfect time to use your pool pump timer and set it to clean your pool.

Use Fewer Chemicals

Many people do not realize that the sun not only evaporates the water from your pool but also evaporates the expensive pool chemicals and treatments along with it. Constant circulation the water in the pool only allows more chemicals to evaporate.

By using a pool pump timer properly, you can circulate the water at night not only saving money on electricity but on chemicals as well. This will prevent these chemicals from escaping into the atmosphere and damaging the ozone layer.

Reduce Algae

A pool pump timer can be set to circulate and filter the water in your pool every few hours which will result in less time for algae to accumulate. This will save you money on costly algae treatments. These treatments are usually harsh and can sometimes irritate skin not to mention pollute the environment.

How long to run your pool pump timer

One of the biggest questions people have about pool pumps is how long to run the pump. The answer is usually between 6-12 hours a day depending on the size of size of your pump and swimming pool.

During the host algae prone months of late summer, running the pump for an additional hour a day is a good idea to keep your water sparkling clean.

Not only will proper use of your pool pump timer keep your pool the envy of the neighborhood, it’ll make your carbon footprint and chemical consumption something for others to shoot for, too.

Greg works for Blue Haven Pools OKC, a company specializing in landscaping and pools Oklahoma City.

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