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How to Reduce the Amount of Landfill You Produce

There is only so much waste we can throw into landfill. Even now we’re starting to run out of room – and yet there are plenty of things we can do to make sure we are able to reduce the amount of rubbish we generate.

If you’re anything like me, this is something that you are all too aware of every time you get rid of something – whether it be a cereal box or some unwanted furniture.

Sometimes there is only so much you can really do, but I like to think that there are ways that we can all do better; so if you would like to lower your own landfill usage and feel better about yourself at the same time, try these ideas for size and see how much difference they make.

Re-use strong carrier bags every time you go shopping

Why get plastic carrier bags all the time and dispose of them after just one use? When you think of the number of bags one family could get through in a year, it makes you think how destructive this can be.

Buy some strong reusable bags instead and remember to take them with you every time you head out to the store. This is something that I had meant to do for years, and just recently I decided I was going to get into the habit – every time I shop I empty the bags in the kitchen and put them straight back in the car ready for next time. Simple.

Buy what you need – not what you think you need

This takes a little more work, but if you do it properly you will be able to reduce the amount of stuff you waste. Plan ahead and buy exactly what you need for your meals for the week. With practice you will notice you are throwing away far fewer items – packaging, food and other things too.

Try to get into the habit of noting everything you chuck out – out of date vegetables or fruit for instance. These are the things that you are over-buying and underusing.

Be more alert to the packaging items come in

Avoid rigid plastic packaging whenever possible and go for cardboard or other recyclable packaging instead. The less packaging your items come in, the easier it is to reduce the amount that goes into landfill.

Cat food stay fresh pouches are perhaps the worst for this; if you do have pets, stick to canned food, it is more efficient and more easily recycled.

Buy items that will last a long time

How many things do you throw away because they have broken? If you find this happens to you a lot, think about what you are spending on these items. Very often it is better to buy better made, eco-friendly items that will last a long time. It leads to less waste in the long run and is better for the environment too.

As much you try to recycle, not buying things in the first place is by far the best way to reduce your carbon footprint, and it can save you a lot of money too.

Re-use whatever you can

Does that old table really need throwing away? Why not strip it down and repaint it or stain it instead? Re-using things is a lost art but we can get it back.


This just scratches the surface (don’t worry, we can repair it) of the range of things you can do to ensure you are sending far less items to the landfill. Assess the way you live now and see how much you can do to make sure you recycle, reuse and waste less than you are at the moment.

This guest post about waste management was brought to you by Batesy’s Skip Hire.

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