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The Greenest Countries in the World

With the UK looking to improve their ‘green’ tag there are already a number of different countries around the world that are already making the most out of their resources such as solar panels, and have already gone ‘green’.

Here we have the top 3 countries in the world who are using solar panels to improve their carbon footprint.

1. Germany

Germany is possibly the greenest country in the world. They have fitted an abundance of solar panels all around their country and what makes it better is the fact that they’re only planning to use nothing but renewable energy by the time 2050 rolls around! They have also remained the top buyer of solar panels for a number of years and there are no signs that they’re letting up.

2. Spain

Nowhere near where Germany are at the moment, but Spain have been using both renewable and solar energy for a number of years now in an effort to convert the country on a ‘green’ energy front with 10% of their total power coming from solar energy. Spain was at one time above Germany as the world’s top country for using solar and renewable energy but in 2009 there was significant dip and that resulted in Germany overtaking them.

3. Italy

Italy, like Spain is with Germany, are just behind Spain in the race for second and ultimately top spot. The amount of energy that the Italians use that comes as a direct result of using green energy is 9%. As an indication of how much Italy are doing to turn ‘green’ every two months they are installing more solar panels in the country than the amount that are being fitted in California in the whole of the year.

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  • It seems like such a long time until North America gets on board with the energy consumption our planet uses. Especially as the largest consumer.

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