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Hybrid & Green Cars Can Save You Money on Car Insurance

The shift to greener, healthier living is being experienced in every aspect of our lives. From the home to the office, moving to eco-friendly alternatives is prevalent and can be very rewarding financially. Now, that mindset has moved out onto the roads, with car insurance companies providing cost benefits to drivers who insure eco-friendly cars.

Environmentally friendly is considered to be cars which demonstrate fuel efficiency and low carbon emissions. Many companies now offer such vehicles, with hybrids and dual fuel options littering the market. Better yet, buying one of these vehicles doesn’t mean you have to be driving around in a bubble car. Premier manufacturers like Audi, Alfa Romeo, BMW, Lexus, Mercedes Benz and VW all have vehicles that are considered to be green or fuel efficient by many car insurance companies.

green cars can save you money on car insurance

It’s great news for drivers who don’t want to sacrifice quality, but are still looking for a little extra savings in their pockets. For too long, green cars have equated to low-performance vehicles. Now, at least in the eyes of car insurance companies, there are a host of car options available to those who are in the market for a high end brand that is good for the environment.

So what type of savings can you expect from car insurance companies?

There are discounts of up to 10% on comprehensive car insurance from some major insurers, providing you with the chance to keep some of that hard earned cash in your pocket. Combine these savings with lower fuel costs and maintenance needs and you’ve got a money saver on four wheels!

Upfront costs of green cars may be higher, but when you take into account their growing share in the market, lower fuel costs and now the savings offered by car insurance companies, they become a very enticing driving option. Hybrid & green cars – your ticket to cheaper car insurance.

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