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5 Ways to Greenify Your Dating Life

If you are an eco-friendly individual with an undying love for Mother Earth, not only can you show her how much you care, but you can also show that special someone in your life how much you care too! With the following green dating tips, it’s easy to get on the path of building a meaningful relationship with your partner while saving the planet at the same time:

#1: Get a green date: If you are a single tree hugger scouring the forest for something other than an evergreen to wrap your arms around, it can be tough to find just what you’re looking for—especially when you narrow it down to looking for someone who is as gun-ho about green-living as you are. Lucky for you, though, we live in an age that is run by the internet—and online dating is becoming more popular than ever. Sites like Green Singles, Planet Earth Singles, and Green Passions are just a few online dating sites that cater specifically to green folks like yourself.

#2: Dress green to impress. There’s no doubt that you want to look good for your date or your other half…and if you are trying to wow the organic apple of your eye with your eco-savvy lifestyle, then you better make sure the threads and accessories you wear reflect it. Select clothing that is made of sustainable fabrics, organic fibers, or even purchased from vintage shops in your area.

#3: Plan green dates. Hitting up the town for a hot date doesn’t mean that you have to leave behind a massive carbon footprint in your wake. Make dating green (and fun!) by tossing out the keys to your fume-expending, ozone-depleting gas guzzler and opt instead to walk, run, bike or use public transportation to reach your romantic destination. Here are a few green date ideas to get you and your partner started:

  • Wine and dine green. Going out to dinner is always a standard date option; but one way to mix up such a traditional plan is by putting a green spin on it! Many restaurants are jumping on the green train and serving up organic dishes and food that is grown locally. And not only can you eat green at these venues, but you can also drink green by washing down your delicious meal with organic wine and beer!
  • Volunteer together. Check out local charities that are looking for volunteers like you to assist them in their earth-saving efforts. Donating your time to an organization meaningful to you is a great way to make a difference…and doing it with your partner will also strengthen the bond you share through teamwork.
  • Be outdoorsy. What better way to go green as a couple than to go outside and marvel in the wonders of our majestic planet? Plan a picnic, shop the farmer’s market, plant a garden, go for a hike, take up biking or hit the slopes skiing—you get the idea here…the possibilities are endless for outdoor dates!

#4: Get green and get close. Adding a little romance to your relationship can be done quite easily for the green couple. You don’t have to always go out on dates—sometimes the most special and intimate memories can be made at home! Next time you’re in the mood to show your partner some serious green lovin’, save energy by turning off the lights, firing up a few candles and fixing a meal prepared with ingredients from your own garden. After dinner, shower together to save water and climb into a bed that is made of bamboo or organic cotton sheets. And don’t forget the power of natural aphrodisiacs (chocolate, tomatoes and avocadoes are proven to get you in the mood—just make sure they are locally sourced!) and organic massage oils to really spice things up!

#5: Give green tokens of affection. Gift giving in relationships can be extremely stressful—you don’t know what size your partner wears, if they already own the gift, or if they will try to return it later. So save yourself the worry and do your part to save the earth by giving green gifts! Show your date that romance isn’t dead and green gestures aren’t either by presenting them with organic flowers that were grown locally. And if you’re the creative type, give home-made gifts. When you make something with the resources you have at home, not only is the present much more meaningful, but it is much kinder on the planet (not to mention your wallet) than anything you can purchase at the store.

Sabrina Jackson is a guest post contributor who shares with us her tips for having a green relationship. In addition, Sabrina also owns Best Free Dating Sites where she shares her insight on how to date successfully on the internet.

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