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Odor in your Home? How to Keep your House Smelling Fresh

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The human sense of smell is very sensitive, prone to picking up both good and bad smells. Therefore, if your home starts to develop a terrible odor, your nose will pick up on it immediately. Odors and smells have an effect on the overall environment of your home and leave an impression on guests and residents alike.

Where is the Odor Coming From?

If you start smelling an unsavory odor in your home, it’s best to pinpoint it as soon as possible. There are a number of potential sources of odor throughout the home, ranging from must, pets, poor air circulation, and smoke. However, the type and strength of the smell can give you an understanding of where it is coming from. For example, is the odor is strong in your kitchen, then you may want to remove the trash or use scents to displace various cooking smells. On the other hand, if the scent is strong in the bathroom, you may want to start checking for mildew and grime.

Odor Eliminating Solutions

Once the smell has been found, how do you go about actually removing the odor? Luckily, there are a number of solutions that can help you eliminate odors from your home, whether they emanate from the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. The following are solutions that can quickly displace unsavory odors and leave a wake of fresh fragrances behind:

Air Fresheners:
Air fresheners are often the first solution that homeowners turn towards when eliminating scents. These handy devices are available in a wide variety of shapes and types, ranging from sprays, gels, and wall plug-ins. These products handle smells through a number of methods, whether by absorption, removing airborne bacterial activity or completely masking the scent altogether.

Incense is comprised of small sticks that release an aromatic scent when burned. While some individuals may not enjoy the strong scents given off by incense, they are a great way to keep the home smelling fresh. These sticks are very inexpensive and sold in bundles, and are available in an endless variety of fragrances.

Scented candles are one of the most common options for individuals that want to fill their home with a fresh scent. Candles are usually available in a wide assortment of scents and sizes, and can be easily placed anywhere throughout the home. In addition, they are generally inexpensive and available in beauty shops, retail stores and home décor departments.

Homemade Creations:
Aerosols, sprayers, and other products are costly and contain a long list of chemicals and unknown substances. In addition, you may be unsure of whether these chemicals are toxic and potentially harmful. Creating homemade fragrances and concoctions are a great way to save both your wallet and the environment. By combining natural products, oils, and scents, you can also create customized fragrances that are exactly matched to your liking. In addition, these mixtures are often environmentally friendly and safe, giving you additional peace of mind.

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