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Ways To Recycle Your Office Furniture

The different materials in office furniture

Like every workplace and home, eventually furniture becomes worn and needs replacing, but rather than throwing your old office furniture out, have you thought about recycling or even reusing it? Office furniture is made of many different recyclable materials. Wood, plastic and metal are the main materials office furniture is made from and can all be easily recycled. If you are fancying a face lift in your office and do not want to physically recycle all of your furniture then have you thought about reusing it in different ways? Office furniture can be used in many individual, unique and quirky ways and it’s a great idea to reuse and recycle it.

Reusing office furniture

Rather than throwing away old office furniture have you thought about revamping and reusing it instead? Office chairs are great for revamping and reusing. You can buy real or faux leather from many outlets which are great for recovering office chairs. Or if you want to brighten up or are take your office seat home then why not reupholster your chairs with a unique and individual patterned material? You could choose from lace, polka dots, stripes or other varieties of patterns to brighten up your seat. Also why not use an old bookcase as a place to store plants? Plants do not only brighten up your office but will also add a sense of relaxation.

If you have imperfections in your office furniture and are thinking of throwing it away then why not attempt to repair the furniture yourself? If you have scratched your wooden desk try rubbing a walnut or pecan into the scratch, the nuts oil will darken and disguise the scratch. If you have damaged your desk with watermarks try rubbing alcohol, turpentine or toothpaste into the mark to remove it.

Why it’s good to recycle old office furniture

Its not only an economical and earth friendly idea to recycle and re use your office furniture but it’s a great way to be able to create a whole new feel in your office or home. Recycling old furniture is good for the environment and good for your bank balance and will create a real feeling of knowing that you have helped nature. If you cannot physically afford to let go of your furniture though why not try re arranging the layout of your office? Surprisingly moving around furniture and redesigning the layout of your office can give it a whole new feel and make you fall in love with it again.

Author Bio: Victoria Gaziano works for Essentials4work. Essentials4work is a family company with many years’ experience of supplying Office and Industrial Products. Essential4work’s Twitter account.

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