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Whole Grains Could be Your Key to a Healthy & Slim Figure

There are dozens of diets these days that tell you to cut the carbs completely. Although losing weight without eating carbohydrates may be okay for a season, you should start implementing them back in as soon as possible. Stocked to the brim with health and nutrition, whole grains could be your long-term answer to staying trim and feeling great.

Whole grains keep your appetite happy throughout the day.
Starting your day with a bowl of whole grain slow-cooked oats is the perfect way to stay full for the morning. If your mornings run a bit tight on time, try slow-cooking the oats in the crock-pot through the night. Steel-cut oats are the least processed or cut down of the oats, making them a terrific choice for whenever you want a bowl of whole-grain goodness. For extra fiber, toss some fresh blueberries and strawberries on top. For your other meals, make sure that any carbohydrates you do eat offer whole grain as the first ingredient. A sandwich for lunch will stick with you much longer if made with whole grain unprocessed bread. Whole grain brown rice for dinner will help curb those cravings for dessert later on. If you’re looking for a little help maintaining or losing weight, always stick to eating whole grains to keep your appetite under control.

Working those whole grains in can dramatically reduce your chance for disease!
As we all know, there’s no medicine quite like prevention. Over the years, doctors and scientists have both been pleading with us to consume more whole grains. Keeping us young, whole grains work wonders on the most important organ we have…the heart. Diabetes, heart disease and stroke are all greatly influenced by whole grains. Because whole grains are packed with fiber, vitamins and minerals, our body responds beautifully to them. Combine a low-fat diet with whole grains and its pure magic for your heart.

Slimming down could be as easy as replacing white foods with whole grains.
There may be truth to the old sayings about white bread. Most white breads, pastas, and other foods are heavy on the sugar and hold little to no nutrition. These carbs also stick to your hips like glue! Another helpful tip to remember is to never assume because the package says its whole wheat, that it’s whole-grain. Whenever you buy cereal, pastas, or bread…check the labeling before you check out. If the first couple of ingredients include whole-grains, you should be okay. The produce section can also be deceiving. Although potatoes can keep us full, white potatoes are best avoided. Try opting for a yam or sweet potato instead. These veggies are far better for your figure and overall wellness.

Remember, it doesn’t take a decade without carbohydrates to keep you thin. Our bodies need carbohydrates for energy! Always make room on the plate for them. This is especially true for those of us who engage in a fitness program. By keeping your quantities low and the whole-grains high, carbs are the best medicine for a long and healthy life.

Author Bio: My name is Dakota Heim and my interest lie in fitness and nutrition. I really enjoy trying to be healthy and fit and then helping others do the same. I have pretty recently done some work with I have even more so extended my knowledge on staying healthy.

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