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The importance of saving energy is continuously increasing along with the cost of living. Minimising our negative effects on the environment is a requirement that is being progressively pushed upon us as a nation. There are many ways in which a homeowner can help contribute to supporting a much greener environment, however making these changes to your whole family’s lifestyle may seem a daunting process. Here we look at simple ways in which to achieve this ideal environment by altering only small aspects of each room in your home and ultimately resulting in smaller household bills.

Starting with the kitchen, the most reliable way of reducing electricity bills is by purchasing energy efficient appliances. There will be alphabetical efficiency ratings on equipment most commonly used such as dishwashers and cookers which should be clearly displayed for you to gain an easy understanding of their sustainability. Simple tasks such as dishwashing and doing the laundry can make a difference by ensuring you only wash when both the machines are fully loaded, therefore reducing the amount of usage. Make the most of nice weather by hanging your clothes on the line outside instead of using the tumble dryer, and if you hand wash your dishes, fill up a bowl instead of leaving the tap to run.

The living room is a sure haven for energy wasting appliances. Make sure televisions, computers or any game consoles aren’t left on standby when not in use, and instead turn them off completely at the plug. Recycle any old or unwanted electrical devices or pass them onto someone who could make use of them to reduce waste. Turning down your thermostat by just a few degrees can also save you a handful of money each year. Closing doors and keeping heat within the room will make up for any warmth lost through this.

Small changes to your bathroom routine can prove valuable in saving energy, but are sure to become second nature once put into practice. Turning off the shower when unnecessary to be left running and following the same practice whilst brushing your teeth in the sink are simple ways in which to save water. Modified flushers have also been designed to reduce the amount of water wasted when you flush your loo, and are not a pricey purchase.

There are even possibilities within the roofing of your home so don’t over look the potential for yet more energy saving ideas. Solar PV panels are an investment that will secure long term benefits for many reasons. There is a feed-in-tariff which you can earn money from depending on the size of your panel and how much energy they produce. Despite the high start up cost, the process of turning solar radiation into electricity is a sure way of cutting down household bills and ensuring a more eco friendly lifestyle.

Low energy light bulbs can be used all over the home and furniture made from a sustainable source is a good alternative when purchasing decor. These simple substitutes confirm that the changes aren’t complicated and with a few handy tips like the above, you could be well on your way to a much greener living!

This article was written by Alexandra, an experienced blogger for Solvis Energy Solutions who provide a high quality service and free energy solutions.

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