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May 21

Reduce The Expenses Of Your Relocation By Using Eco-Friendly Packaging

eco-friendly packagingThere are many efforts being made to curtail the pollution levels in the environment. It is imperative to make some efforts for bringing about a change. You can make a huge difference by doing your bit for protecting the environment as big differences are usually made, by bringing about small changes.

One of the best things that you could begin with is eco-friendly relocation. A major aspect of relocation is packaging and green packaging can be a great idea for conserving the environment. You can also save a good amount of money by planning to move in a DIY way and using eco-friendly material for packing would be an icing on the cake. There are some simple packing tips that you could follow for organizing an eco-friendly DIY move:

Reuse And Recycle

Reuse and recycle are the golden words to follow if you are planning a green move. You must try to make use of biodegradable products as far as possible. This will reduce the demand for non-biodegradable items and consequently there will be less production of the same. This environment friendly move will also curtail your expenses as biodegradable items are less expensive as compared to the non-biodegradable ones. You can also consider borrowing used cardboard boxes from your friends or neighbors who have recently relocated.

eco-friendly packaging

Use Eco-Friendly Items

It is best to utilize the eco-friendly packaging material while relocating. You can use eco-friendly cartons for storing all your stuff. You will soon be able to make use of edible packing material that are a unique and convenient option for packing your food items. You can easily dispose off these containers by eating them, as they are made up of edible WikiCells. Many more upcoming developments like these, can be used for the conservation of the environment.

Use Old Clothes And Newspapers

Instead of utilizing bubble wraps and packing peanuts, you can make use of your old clothes and newspapers forpacking. It is advisable to wrap your stuff in old clothes and stuff the cardboards with newspapers. Newspapers are a cheaper alternative over packing peanuts that would help in keeping the items intact inside the cardboard boxes. If you buy crated boxes, then you would not be needing any padding material to keep your fragile stuff safe in transit.

Save Diesel And Gas

Moving less stuff would result in fewer trips for transportation and hence, less consumption of gas, diesel or petrol. It would be a convenient option for you as well, owing to the ever-increasing petrol and diesel prices. It is particularly advisable to move less stuff, when you are planning a long distance move as it would help in less consumption of diesel and gas. You could even go for other eco-friendly alternatives such as bio-diesel trucks for saving fuel.

It is easy to plan an eco-friendly DIY move that is also budget-friendly. You can avail the services of London Removals for making the move less daunting. Incorporating eco-friendly habits in your daily life shall go a long way in reducing the environmental problems like pollution, global warming and greenhouse effect.

Author Bio:

Priyanka is a writer primarily focusing on moving and relocation related topics. She loves her family and has a big friend circle. She loves blogging as it helps her in voicing her opinions about the things that she is interested in. She always emphasizes on removal services and green moving to save our planet earth from being polluted. She just finished her article on “Make An Eco-Friendly Move”.


  1. Moving Company KC

    Excellent tips. I would also add that visiting the nearest grocery store or liquor establishment for their bevy of boxes in storage is another way to reuse boxes for moving. Especially at grocery stores because they oftentimes have really sturdy banana boxes/crates that can haul away a bunch of possessions. Great post all-around, though.

  2. EV

    Packing process is a stressful one and one can do packing after planning about it that what to pack and what to not? When you done packing always label the boxes as this will help you when you are doing unpacking in a new place. It helps in making unpacking process helpful as this leads you to now from the labels on the boxes which one is required now and which one is required later.

    1. Dave

      Great stuff we all need to be looking for more ways to to reduce our carbon footprint and also costs

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