Ways to Go Green in Colleges

Colleges are the first places where the concept of conserving the environment were first known and adopted. Every other student is taking a course related to environment such as, environmental science and technology. This has helped them in coming up with ways on how to go green in the colleges. Education has helped a great deal in these endeavors, and more and more ways to conserve the environment are coming up. Each and every student in college has a responsibility of going green. It up to the individual to love the environment that one is living in and appreciate the gifts of nature that come along. Human beings depend on the environment for a lot of things starting with the provision of oxygen which is emitted by the plants as they take in carbon dioxide. Many colleges are on the move to go green and help maintain the environment. These interests must first come from the students since they are the people who are in these colleges.

There has been several measures and tactics put forward to promote the going green campaigns in schools. Green buildings have been set up in colleges as one way of promoting this campaign. Green color will impact the need to have a green environment which will have positive effects in our lives. Students have also ensured that organic food in being sold at various cafeterias in colleges as one way of providing healthy food. They want to do away with unhealthy food that will eventually lead to unhealthy living styles and do something about diseases like high blood, diabetes pressure and obesity. Websites have been created by students to promote the go green initiates, relevant information has also been provided as a way of ensuring students has the right information in the process of maintaining a green environment.

Technology has brought with it advancement and they are being used in each and every way of going green in schools. Social media, such as facebook also provide a fast growing network of student who has the same interests of promoting go green strategies in colleges. They create groups where they invite other students and promote these green initiatives in colleges. The students are dynamic people and have great ideas. The youth possess great potential in almost everything, thus they organize talent and fashion shows in colleges aiming at promoting go green campaign in schools. They ensure that the dressing code will be green to match the events color and also crown the beauties as miss environment or Miss Green. These campaigns go along well with other academic events, therefore apart from promoting green environment they also emphasize the need to have good education in college. Another way of ensuring that students go green is the provision of recycle bins in college. They are necessary as they help in ensuring that lo litter will be left unattended to in the school compound. Students also have these litter bins in their rooms to ensure that they disposal of waste is done in a good way. In this regard, those items that can be recycled need to be kept separately from those that cannot be recycled. Items such as electronics do not need to be thrown away in just a normal way, but instead, they should be taken to a recycler center. Things that cannot be recycled should not be processed as they continue to health hazards. Students should ensure that they buy items that can be recycled.

In this regard, they should use good canvas bags for shopping instead of using other polythene bags which put environment in danger and the health of people. Students, and especially girls, like carrying water as they attend one lecture to the other. They should ensure that they have refillable bottles which will contribute to attaining green environment. This means that you are not obliged to purchase bottled packed water as you can easily refill one bottle. The level of pollution will also go down and education will be promoted in the long run. When it comes to cleaning, students should know that it is directly related to education and environment. They should therefore use detergents which are biodegradable and which are home made. Cleaning products which are homemade have in time been known to be environment friendly than the other manufactured products. Education should also help students to know that they are supposed to cut down on their water usage. Taking short showers can help save many gallons of water, which can be used elsewhere in maintaining a green environment. Air fresheners as well should be substituted by using plants which emit oxygen and will go a long way in ensuring clean and fresh air. Lastly, students should always eat well, thus they should meet the recommended balanced diet as one way of making sure that, as the college is going green they will also not be left behind in attaining good health.

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