A Mean, Green, Commercial Cleaning Machine

Everyone’s heard about the green business phenomenon — the drive to make our nation’s medium-sized and large businesses more environmentally friendly. It’s a change that absolutely has to be made; the world we live in is turning out to be a less renewable resource than we once thought.

So what’s the difference between a business that cleans using old-school methods and one that cleans using the latest green techniques?

It starts with the health of the employees. There might not ever be a major toxicity issue even if the office does clean with volatile organic compounds — but a big, visible illness is actually less destructive to the business than what really happens. What really happens is a prolonged business-wide fatigue as the employees’ dampened immune systems fail to keep away head colds, minor systemic infections, and viral influenza.

Then there’s the long-term effect on the environment as the company continually dumps liter after liter of volatile organic compounds into the sewer system and into the air. Those compounds don’t break down easily, and they damage the health of any and every creature that they come into contact with — in particular, fish.

Finally, there’s the long-term effect on the economy. Not only does the deterioration of the employee’s health hurt productivity, but it also feeds into the ever-growing health care industry.

That’s why it’s so critical for every major business to contract with a skilled eco-friendly cleaner. But more importantly, in many cases, it can even be positive for the bottom line — Federal and State eco-incentives can make it profitable to switch to a green cleaner. Also, some insurance companies offer discounts on health insurance premiums for companies that switch to green cleaners. Who wouldn’t want to pocket a few extra bucks and save the Earth at the same time?

This post was submitted by Services Master Cleaning Solutions, a Portland maintenance and janitorial cleaning company.

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