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Simple Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill

It happens every month: you get your electric bill in the mail and cringe as you open it, hoping it won’t be too bad this time. Rather than weeping openly every time you get your bill in the mail, take some time to do a few simple things that will lower your electric bill and keep it that way. So what are some of the best ways to do this?

1) Clean, clean, clean. Cleaning may not seem like an obvious way to lower your electric bill at first, but it is actually a fantastic way to ensure your bill stays payable. An air conditioner with a dirty filter, for example, will have to work twice if not three times as hard to cool a room, causing your electric bill to skyrocket. Clean the filter once a month at the very least to ensure the unit is functioning to the best of its ability.

2) Invest in solar panels. Thinking about going the solar panel route? While solar panels may be a bit expensive upon purchase, the money you will save on your electric bill makes them well worth it. Solar panels get their energy from, uh, the sun, and as such are basically a free energy source. They are also incredibly easy to maintain and generally come with a service guarantee from suppliers.

3) Close those shades. Keep all blinds, curtains and shades drawn during the day to prevent that hot sun from entering your living space and making your air conditioner work that much harder.

4) Try to cook less. This may sound strange, but using your range to cook each and every night generates a lot of heat, making it much harder to keep your home cool. Try cooking one or two nights a week instead and make a lot of food at once that can be easily re-heated, such as soups and rice dishes.

Bio: This article was written by Enerfina, a company dedicated to providing renewable energy sources like solar panels. Contact Enerfina here:

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