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Eco-Friendly Outdoor Home Tips

Making your home eco-friendly is not limited to the indoors or watering the lawn a little less. There are plenty of ways to ‘green’ the exterior of the home, many of which are cost-effective in addition to helping our world’s environment. So what are some of the ways you can green your home’s exterior and surrounding property?

1) Use organic mulch. Rather than using plastic or other non-organic methods of mulching your lawn, stick to the organic versions whenever possible. These include grass clippings, wood chips, sawdust, and shredded leaves.

2) Choose eco-friendly roof tiles. Re-tiling your roof? Go the eco-friendly route by selecting eco roof tiles, such as those made from slate or clay. These tile varieties are made from natural materials and do a superb job of insulating the home, which will result in a lower electric bill. Note that they are heavier than other types of tiles.

3) Use old rags and water to wash home siding. Cleaning a small mess from the exterior wall of your home? Save bathtub and kitchen sink water, also called “gray water,” and use it to clean the exterior of the home. Save old clothing pieces and other old rags for cleaning purposes rather than purchasing new sponges and rags.

4) Go for recycled lawn ornaments. Rather than throwing out that broken wheelbarrow or old flower pot, use them as planters to decorate the front, back or side of your lawn. Tires, while not as pleasing to the eye, may also be used. Paint the tires with low-VOC, waterproof paints if desired to make them pretty.

5) Avoid mid-day watering. Water your lawn in the early morning or in the evening when the weather is cooler. Mid-day watering when the sun is at its hottest will only result in fast evaporation, which ups your water bill and doesn’t give your grass what it needs.

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