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Jun 21

The Greenfield Group’s “Green Journeys” Initiative

The Greenfield GroupAre you looking to take a trip somewhere within the USA? This is your opportunity to put the entire fuel tab on the house. The Greenfield Group, an environmentally aware marketing company, is looking to connect with socially mindful individuals. By working with hotels and partnering with “1% For The Planet”, The Greenfield Group does it’s best to set an example for others. In order to expand this effort, they are looking for individuals with a green conscious who plan on travelling. Just send your idea for a Green Journey and if you are selected, The Greenfield Group will get your wheels turnin’. They’ll deck out your car in their logos and an online link so that people can follow your Green Journey. During the trip you’ll share the journey on their blog platform, post about the trip on Facebook, and be a Green Journey ambassador along the way. To be selected you must incorporate helping the environment into the journey and help to raise awareness for the environmental cause that you choose to support.

The Greenfield Group is looking for creativity here. Go with a trip you’ve always dreamed of or the one you just came up with last night when you were supposed to be studying. Consider this an opportunity to take an incredible journey with the costs greatly reduced and all the while raising awareness for a cause that you believe in. Just click Green Journeys to start your free trip today!

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