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Guest Post: Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas

Most people are conscious about the environment, and everyone wants to do their part to conserve energy. Having an eco-friendly wedding is a great way to celebrate your big day while being kind to nature at the same time. The following are some helpful tips for tying the knot in a “green” manner.

1. Wedding Invitations

Invitations are typically printed on several layers of heavy cardstock and paper, which means one average-sized event could require a lot of trees! Instead of sending out paper invitations, you can use your wedding web page or send an Evite to notify guests of your upcoming wedding. Another great idea would be to send out wedding invitations on recycled paper. Instead of including any unnecessary cards and extra envelopes inside the invitation, try putting all of the information on one sheet, and take RSVPs by phone or email. Some companies have come up with the idea to embed their paper products with seeds, so when the guests receive your invitation, they can plant it in the yard and replace the trees used to create the paper. This post at Great Green Weddings rounds up the best places to start in your search for your eco-friendly invitations!

2. Location

Choosing a location helps set the theme for any wedding, so if you’re looking to stay “green”, you may want to select a place that goes with being eco-friendly. An outdoor ceremony and reception are ideal settings for a wedding. This is a great way to use natural lighting and save on energy. If an outdoor venue is not for you, check out the Internet for some great places that recycle, use biodegradable products, and they have energy efficient appliances. Another suggestion to save on gas would be to hold the ceremony and reception in the same place.

3. Food

Food is at the center of any wedding celebration, so you will want to select a menu that is organic and in season. Locally grown foods are bought directly from the grower, and they are fresh. In season produce doesn’t need a heated greenhouse to grow the food, so you will save more energy and gas. When it comes to the wedding cake, select a baker that uses freshly harvested eggs and milk. Caterering companies like Eco Caters offer menus based on the season, location, and availability of the ingredients in their dishes, and always use fresh, organic produce and proteins.

4. Wedding Favors

Eco-friendly wedding favors are all the rage. If you’re looking for some unique ideas, you may want to check out online wedding resources like American Bridal. Some of their environmentally friendly wedding favors include eco-friendly coasters, photo albums and personalized wildflower seed packets.

5. Wedding Attire

Wedding dresses aren’t always eco-friendly because of the time, energy and amount of wasted cloth that is used in making them. Try a vintage clothing store for a pre-worn dress. If you are looking for something new, find a designer that uses natural products like organic cotton or hemp.

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