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Natural and Organic Ways to Combat Hair Loss

No matter who you are: woman or man, young or old, shallow or not, hair loss can be an embarrassing physical change to experience. Everyone lusts after thick and luxurious heads of hair or else there wouldn’t be thousands and thousands of products, tools, and methods solely dedicated to changing the way our hair looks. If you’re experiencing hair loss or know you will thanks to your genes, there are ways you can help prevent it. And, even better, there are completely natural and non-toxic methods.

You are what you eat. No, you shouldn’t eat healthy hair but what you eat directly affects your hair. Hair is a composite of different protein compounds that join and grow through follicles. So, you need a lot of protein, yes. You don’t have to get all that protein from animal meat though. In fact consuming too much meat and dairy will have the opposite affect. To help prevent your hair loss, fill your diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Completely ignore the Food Pyramid and compose at least half of your diet, half of every single meal, with fresh, whole foods. Avoid processed foods at all costs and eat meat and dairy selectively.

Some essential nutrients that aid in hair growth and help prevent hair loss are vitamins A, B, C, and E, protein, iron, biotin, omega-3, and zinc. A multivitamin once a day will help increase your intake of the vitamins and minerals. Foods to keep in abundance that have these different nutrients are leafy greens (think spinach, kale, mustard greens, chard, and collard greens), fish, seeds, nuts, citrus fruits, and raisins. Also be sure to drink plenty of water. Fat and sugar create acidic environments in our bodies, which, among several other problems, speeds up hair loss and stops our bodies from absorbing nutrients so put those two foods on the forbidden list. And, of course, drink plenty of water.

To promote hair growth, you need to keep your scalp healthy and happy. Use natural shampoos and avoid ones that have too many chemicals and unpronounceable additives; they can weaken hair. Shampoos that contain protein and claim to improve your hair’s health are all false because it’s not the right kind of protein we need for hair growth. For added benefit, perform a weekly or bi-weekly gentle scalp massage using an essential oil like lavender to stimulate more growth.

Hair loss can also happen from brushing your hair when it’s wet, drying it too vigorously with a towel post-shower, over-dying, over-washing, and using heat-fueled styling products. Be as gentle as you can with your hair and you’ll stem the loss.

If you’re already well into a hair loss problem, there is always hair restoration possibilities. From supplements and other medications to plugs and other kinds of more invasive surgeries, hair loss technology has exploded within the last decade. Search online at and other sites to find specialists within your area if you’re interested. There’s no harm in at least doing some research.

Hair loss can be prevented or at least slowed through proper nutrition and treating your hair well. Use these tips and before you know it, you may just have that full head of hair you’ve always wanted.

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