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How to Save Money by Going Green

We are aware of global warming. We know how it affects our planet, but still, we are sitting idle. What do we do to protect our planet from the evils of global warming? Perhaps, we do nothing. Almost all of us depend on the environmentalists as well as the environmental organizations. It is our notion that our planet will be taken care of by them only; we have nothing to do. The number of people actively taking part in preventing global warming as well as climate change is too little in comparison to the number of people who don’t. Come forward; let us do something to save the world from the negative effects of global warming.

Go green – 5 tips to save the planet and money

The best and the easiest way to save the planet is to go green. By doing this, we can surely save our planet. We can also save money by going green. Here are some effective and simple tips on how to go green.

1. Save water

  • Have shorter bath and stop overusing water. This would also help to cut down water as well as electricity bill.
  • Install faucet aerator on every faucet of your house. It won’t cost you much, but it helps to preserve water and heat, and also keep the water pressure intact.
  • Put in an inexpensive low-flow showerhead as it helps to save water and energy as well as you’re spending towards utility bills.
  • Drought-tolerant plants would be better proposition for your yard. Such plants need less water to grow.

2. Save energy

  • Keep the thermostat of your house some degrees lower during winter and some degrees higher during summer. It would help you save energy and thus save on energy bills.
  • Use CFLs instead of incandescent bulbs. CFLs are more energy-efficient than the incandescent bulbs.
  • Unplug electrical appliances when they are not in use.
  • Instead of using warm water, use cold water to wash clothes, if possible. For your information, almost 85% energy used for machine wash goes for heating water.
  • In place of machine drying, use a clothesline or drying rack for drying wet clothes. It would not only help you save energy but also your electricity bill.

3. Save LPG

  • Avoid using car while going to your workplace; walk or use bicycle, if the distance allows. It would help you save LPG and thus LPG costs. It also helps to maintain good health and reduce developing the chance of obesity.
  • If your house isn’t near to your workplace, ask the authority to allow you to work from home. This way you can save LPG and thus the cost the traveling. It also helps you save time. However, the proposition is subject to your employer’s decision.

4. Avoid bottled water

  • Instead of buying bottled water to quench your thirst, install a water purifier in your home to purify normal tap water. Not only for saving purpose, you should also avoid bottled water to reduce container wastage.
  • Use reusable water bottle while you’re at work or outside your home.

5. Eat healthy and smart

  • Buy vegetables and fruits from local farmers instead of buying from super markets. It is a good option of getting fresh foods and thus healthy foods. Moreover, local farmers often take less than the super markets.
  • Go veggie for at least one day a week. It would help you save money as well as contribute to maintaining the food chain and eco-system.
    By following these simple ‘green’ tips, you can lessen the environmental impacts. It would help you save money too. Go green to save both the earth and your pocket.

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