Top 5 Techniques for Green Gardening

It seems more than a little strange that something such as gardening could be environmentally damaging, however it is possible that by using certain products you are doing your garden more harm than you are good.

What are the top five methods for having a truly green garden and making sure you are being beneficial and kind to the environment?

Letting Nature Take Its Course

The first step for making any garden truly sustainable is to let nature take its course. This means accepting that you will get garden “nasties” and pests that you would just love to spray with some harsh chemical fertilizer to finish them off once and for all. If you must use any sort of spray, use a natural one, however the best way to a green garden is to allow it to happen.

What you need to do, rather than sit back and watch your garden get eaten, is to have an insectary, or use plants which will encourage “kind” pests into your garden. By kind pests, we mean the insects and bugs that may seem annoying, but will actually help you by eating fungus, and common garden pests such as slugs.

Laws of Attraction

Whether you install a pond in your garden, plant a tree, or take another course of action, your aim should be to do all you can to attract wildlife into your garden. This may seem like a dangerous ploy given what we outlined above, but it is the best and quickest way to a truly environmentally friendly garden.

Growing Your Own

To extend your green credentials beyond your garden, it is crucial that you grow your own produce, even if it is something as small as a bunch of herbs. Even the smallest of things that you no longer buy from the shops will reduce carbon emissions through reduced transportation to the store.

Recycling In Your Garden

Recycling garden and household waste through composting is a critical element that you will see in almost every green garden. Whether you do this with a composting bin or by utilising a worm farm, you will be able to break down green waste, food waste, newspaper and even cardboard, which the worms will gorge on to leave a nutritious liquid that you can use to feed your garden.

Water Butts

Water butts prove extremely popular, as they can save money on household water bills as well as make your green garden dream easier to attain. Set one or more up by the side of your house so rainwater can be stored and then used to water your garden.

Follow these five easy steps and you will begin to notice the changes in your garden almost immediately. Green gardening is easy to do and the rewards will far outweigh the time invested into your garden.

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