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Artificial Lawns: Let You Go Green All The Way!

Everyone may love the famous expression from the William Wordsworth poem ‘The Rainbow’: ‘The Child Is the Father of Man’. The line suggests that the poet hopes to love the nature as he did when he was a child.

But does it holds true today? When everybody in today’s time is bound to create a world that might be less liked by our future generations; when we should all be apprehensive about environmental issues, aren’t we actually getting to ignore them? Global warming is one such issue that refers to over abundance of CO2, Methane and Ozone in earth’s atmosphere. Several human activities such as burning of fossil fuels are contributing to the ‘Greenhouse Effect’ thereby raising the standard earth temperature.

What we can do?

So much indeed! One can take simple steps to make the planet healthy; for instance:

  • Make a habit to switch off everything that runs on electricity at least an hour a day.
  • Use compact florescent lamps or appliances that consume less electricity.
  • Save on water – take shorter showers.
  • Go for vegetarian or vegan meals.
  • Recycle waste

There are many more ways to contribute. One of those is to install an artificial lawn with fake plants, artificial grass, ornamental accessories etc. You may wonder now, how?

Everything that is not real is made of finest quality plastic, fabric or other UV stable materials and does not require maintenance. Like for artificial grass, it is usually made from a blend of polyethylene and polypropylene and recycled plastic products and thus is eco-friendly. Plastic wastes (especially) create formidable problems: their incineration will produce toxic gases; the plastic bags get wrapped around the branches and roots of the plants and trees and thus they do not get enough of Oxygen + Water and eventually die; the plastic bags, bottles etc. blight heritage areas or block drains or even kill animals like cows! By recycling plastic products (into something as beautiful as artificial grass or plants) we actually are reducing non-biodegradable waste on the earth.

Further it is stated earlier that fake lawns do not require any maintenance. Unlike real plants and grass they may not need to be watered every morning and evening. According to a survey approximately 75% of total residential water is used to irrigate lawns and gardens during summers. By opting for synthetic lawns you can save on water consumption and contribute to help saving earth from global warming.

In Australia many academicians have agreed to the fact that the freshly cut grass or topiary release hydrocarbons that worsens the smog! Artificial lawn may not require trimming (another good reason to opt for it…)

If you maintain a real lawn, you may be using petrol-driven lawnmower (not surprisingly). Do you know how much pollution does it create? One hour of lawn mowing with it will create pollution equivalent to that created by a car driven over 100 miles (discovery made in Sweden). The ideal way is to install synthetic lawn. Even the organisations like Environmental Protection Agency in the USA are making efforts to confine pollution from non-road engines.

Finally, the real clippings are usually drained down into rivers resulting in water pollution. Center for Global Environmental Education has already warned that the level of pollution in the great Mississipi River is increasing.

All in all, what is meant to be said here is that an artificial (residential or commercial) lawn will help you a long way towards helping at reducing global warming.

Author Bio: Ruby Tyagi is an expert author who have been writing for topics like home improvement, environmental aid, home and garden and decorative items like silk flowers etc.

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