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Staying Cool – Green Ways To Keep Your House Cool In The Summertime

cooling off with water

Even in the height of the summertime, it’s never too late to cool down the house in some of the most eco-friendly ways. Here are few extra ideas to help keep your home comfortable and cool without running the air conditioner.

Run ceiling fans counter-clockwise

Ceiling fans are a fantastic way to cool down your home in an affordable way. Make sure your fan is set to rotate counter-clockwise which creates a downward airflow and a naturally cooler breeze. Properly circulating air can evaporate perspiration and make it feel colder without actually decreasing the room’s temperature. In addition, ceiling fans can allow you to increase the thermostat to help cut down air condition costs. Be sure to keep the blades on your ceiling fan clean and dust free to prevent allergies. The more space inside an open room, the more effective the ceiling will operate. Consider using a self storage building to store things you don’t need and maintain optimal air flow routes.

Drink cool liquids

Water and fresh juices can act as natural detoxification of the body in the summertime and help keep you cool. Cold water cleanses the digestive system and can lower your body heat. In addition, load up on coconut water which maintains electrolytes and prevents dehydration. You also may drink green detox as juice. If juices aren’t available, try sucking on ice cubes to prolong the refreshing experience.

Clear out your house

Extra stuff means less room for air to circulate. Try storing your odds and ends that you don’t need in the summer time in a shed or a storage unit. Fewer items could mean less cleaning and less sweating to keep the house organized. Take advantage of the house cleaning by recycling things you haven’t used in years or donating old clothing to charity. Certain storage units in NJ offer mover concierge services that will come to your home and move items for you.

Use lighter linens

Even at night when the temperature cools down, heavy cotton comforters and blankets can make you sweat even by sleeping on top. Replace the winter sheets with light and airy linen and cotton fabrics. Also, use cooler colors such as whites, light blues and crème to keep your room cool. You will immediately notice the difference and you may not have to run the air conditioner to help you sleep.

Cook outside

Minimize the heat indoors by swapping the stove for the barbeque. Outdoor cooking keeps the high temperatures from the kitchen which can cause the entire house to heat. If needed, use the microwave instead of the oven or stove top. Then place a cooling fan in the kitchen to help circulate the air and maintain cooler temperatures. Besides the reduced heat, the outdoor cooking will make for an easier cleanup and a more enjoyable summer eating experience.

It’s never too late to stay cool and conserve costs by cutting the use of your air conditioner. Hopefully the above tips will help you save money on electricity and keep you comfortable this summer. Remember to check the forecast and prepare for hot days by being smart and resourceful.

When he’s not trying to stay cool in the summertime, Jared Friedman enjoys writing on a variety of topics as a marketer for Westy, a convenient and full service self storage facility with locations in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

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