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A Greener Way of Smoking with Electronic Cigarettes

There are many individuals who smoke who are looking to cut back in a way to stop harming themselves even more than they already have done, but never do it for the sake of the environment as well.

Cigarettes, weighing around 0.9g, can emit up to 23 mg of toxic chemicals up into the air and are one of the most potent producers of pollution in the air for their size, with average emissions of around 14 mg. There are approximately 4000 chemicals in a single cigarette which are both breathed in and expired back into the atmosphere.

Further effects of smoking are felt when cigarettes are finished with and are often dropped the floor and the chemicals seep into the ground, with the butts themselves taking around 25-26 years to decompose. Used cigarettes more times than none make their way to a water source, not only polluting the water, but also killing fish that mistakenly eat the butts as food.

One easy to way to both avoid the above scenarios and help save your own lungs if you can’t stop smoking altogether is to smoke electronic cigarettes from an electronic cigarette company such as Freshcig.

E-cigs as they’re known, do not produce the harmful chemicals such as carbon monoxide, instead release a harmless water vapour that make the risks of passive smoking non-present. They still contain nicotine, but the more worrying aspect of tar is removed.

This is achieved by a sensor within the E-cig that detects air flow to activate a microprocessor to trigger a heating element inside the cigarette, this heating vaporises the nicotine solution that is contained in the mouth piece and the simulated “smoke” is released as a vapour.

Because there are no harmful elements emitted from an E-cig, there are allowed to be smoked in restaurants, bars and even on airlines, although some people may still be uncomfortable seeing people smoke in those environments.

Not only do E-cigs benefit the environment, but also your wallet, with E-cigs having the potential to save an average smoker 75% over their usual spend on normal cigarettes.

The savings come from the way an E-cig works, with each Electronic Cigarette refill containing 0.9ml of e-liquid that equates to 30 cigarettes, making a pack of five the equivalent of 150 cigarettes. These cartridges, or cartomisers, also have the added bonus to offer the user several different flavours.

Sam writes for one of the UK leaders in electronic cigarettes.

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