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Energy-Efficient Bulbs: Halogen vs.Traditional Bulbs

Newer energy efficient light bulbs have many advantages over traditional bulbs. Halogen is a type of bulb that is much more energy efficient than a traditional incandescent bulb; they are an energy efficient option for those wanting to save on their electricity bill.

Halogen Bulbs Produce Less Heat

Traditional bulbs and halogen bulbs both have a tungsten filament that is heated to produce light with a lamp or socket that is wired to an electrical source. Newer styles of halogen bulbs will have an infrared coating that is used to reflect light back to the tungsten filament in the bulb. This design will result in a reduction in the amount of heat that is generated by the bulb. The bulb is designed to reduce waste heat to be more energy efficient.

Halogen Bulbs are 30% more energy efficient

A newer style of energy efficient halogen bulb is up to 30 percent more efficient than that of traditional bulbs. The bulbs are not quite as energy efficient as compact fluorescent bulbs, which are about 75 percent more energy efficient than a traditional bulb. However, there are uses for a halogen bulb that cannot be provided by a CFL bulb.

Halogen Bulbs last longer

Halogen bulbs are designed to last much longer than a traditional bulb. Traditional bulbs burn out after a certain length of use. This is due to the filament becoming too thin to carry electric current. If you have a halogen bulb, then it will burn longer and hotter than a traditional bulb. This is due to the use of a gas in the bulb that prolongs the life of the tungsten filament. The development of energy efficient halogen bulbs reduces the amount of generated heat to make the bulbs more energy efficient.

Halogen Bulbs Require Less Energy

You can determine the energy use between energy efficient halogen bulbs and traditional bulbs when a comparison is made. Look at the energy requirements of each bulb and you will see that a halogen will require less energy for the bulb to produce light. If you are not happy with the output of light that is produced from a compact fluorescent bulb, then an energy efficient halogen is an option. A traditional bulb is not also being actively marketed.

Halogen Bulbs Cool Down Faster

One benefit of an energy efficient halogen bulb over that of a traditional bulb is the time it takes to cool down. A halogen bulb will cool down at a faster rate than a traditional bulb. The traditional bulb will be hot for a minute or two after it is turned off and is often too hot to touch. The halogen bulb will be cool enough to tough after a few seconds of being turned off.

incandescent bulb

It’s an Obvious Choice

Traditional bulbs are outdated. Technology has evolved and produced Halogen Bulbs that are much more efficient and effective in various areas. Using Halogen Bulbs you can save money with your electricity bill and help conserve the environment. Compact Fluorescent bulbs are even more energy efficient but may not produce enough light output, making Halogen Bulbs an excellent choice for both energy efficiency and light.

By: Marcela De Vivo writes about conservation and environmentalism for LiteLec Projector & Halogen Bulbs. She enjoys going for hikes, finding ways to advocate for the environment, and photography.

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