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The New Trend: Eco-Friendly Hotels and Villas

The new trend of eco-friendly hotels and villas is becoming popular because people have finally recognized the significance of co-existing with their environment. You should too, if you want to live a longer life in peace and harmony amidst the treasures that Mother Earth provides.

What Are Eco-Friendly Hotels and Villas?

Eco-friendly hotels and villas are lodging places that observe the following measures:

  • Prevent environmental pollution
  • Implement no smoking zones
  • Eliminate carbon emissions
  • Conserve water
  • Dispose of waste materials properly
  • Conserve energy
  • Recycle materials
  • Sustain operations without spending large amounts of energy
  • Inform, campaign and disseminate eco-friendly methods

These hotels and villas usually have a certificate, or a Green Eco-Leaf rating from designated organizations.

What Awaits You on Your Stay

what makes eco-friendly hotels and villas significantly different from the typical lodging places? Here are some of the most essential advantages you can get when you opt to stay in these eco-friendly hotels and villas:

1. Fresh Air

Since pollution coming from cigarette, carbon emissions, and toxic wastes, are eliminated, the environment around these hotels and villas are guaranteed to be much healthier. You could tag along all your children during your vacation to breathe fresh, unadulterated air. That would be invigorating for you too, especially if you work in a crowded city. The fresh and appropriately oxygenated air is good for your neurons or brain cells. Science has proven that the brain thrives with proper oxygenation. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know this.

2. Close Encounter with Nature

Eco-friendly hotels and villas usually promote the slogan “Go Green,” meaning, they nurture the flora and fauna surrounding them. You could take peaceful, refreshing river walks, or garden tours, and learn about nature and your environment. You could also stay healthy by playinggolf amidst spectacular landscapes. There are countless amazing adventures for you to choose from. These hotels provide, fun, entertainment and learning opportunities for you and your friends and family.

3. Well-Balanced Ecosystem

For man to survive,there should be balance in his environment. Imagine if there were more mosquitoes than men; if the kangaroos in Australia would not stop propagating, this would lead to an imbalance in the ecosystem, which would eventually affect man. The endangered species are good examples of what would happen when the eco-system is not maintained.

Soil degradation and water pollution are both known to cause irreversible damage on the ecosystem.Owners of eco-friendly hotels and villas staunchly support the preservation of the environment by making it imperative that their housekeeping staff put notes in the bathroom, reminding the guests to reuse their towels (if possible) so as to avoid using too much detergent, which has been known to be among the notorious water and soil pollutants.

Next time you travel for a holiday with your family, choose only to stay in eco-friendly hotels or villas. For the healthy environment that they offer can provide a place that’s conducive to family bonding. On top of that, being able to contribute to the nature preservation advocacy of these places is truly a noble act in itself.

Author Bio:

Sarah Miller is a travel expert for La Villas, a travel company specializing in St. Martin villa rentals. Sarah began by helping people plan vacations as a hobby – she visited St. Martin so frequently that her friends and coworkers would consult her when making their plans. Sarah discovered that helping people experience St. Martin was almost as fun as being there her and decided to go into business full time assisting people dream up their perfect island getaway.

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