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Top 5 Eco Friendly Gift Ideas for College Graduates

The eco friendly world is no longer just at Whole Foods. Today its branches stretch to every facet of society: eco-friendly college campuses, eco-friendly music tours, eco-travel, and who is most likely to have enjoyed all three? The recent college graduate.

Below are five ways to show recent college grads your well wishes and move the world to a healthier place.

  1. Cool Eco-Water Bottle. Graduating from college could be one of the best things for diet and health. Many college students prefer energy drinks to stay up for all-nighters or alcohol to blow off steam. Encourage your new grad to drink better options with a cool eco-water bottle. The choices are many from stainless steel, BPA-free plastic or earth materials like bamboo. Some can seem pricey for a water bottle, but remember this is a gift to send a young person into the world. What better way than a positive spin on drinking liquids? Go for a high-value water bottle and you will be remembered everyday.
  2. Classic pen and paper set. Grads will thank you, literally, on a cool eco pen and paper set made from recycled stationery. Writing thank you notes for graduation gifts on recycled paper stationary is more purposeful than simply following up on mom’s requests. Grads get into the spirit of saving the planet. Four years in front of a computer can also have almost anyone hoping for a retro moment. Handwritten thank you notes come in a variety of recycled and earth-friendly products like green tea, hemp, and pens from old discarded baseball seats.
  3. Fashion. Today’s repurposed and natural-product fashion is a win-win. It’s made from repurposed or natural items and is oftentimes more economical. Young enterprising designers are making more and more hip eco wear like belts using recycled rubber road or hybrid bicycle tires or using candy wrappers, recycled billboard ads, hemp, bamboo and soy for shirts, purses, skirts, cufflinks, bracelets, handkerchiefs, pants and more. Not only can these items be conversation starters but also they can put grads on the right track when it comes to fashion and the environment, while fulfilling activist interests.
  4. Appliances. For the jobholder living in a new apartment or grads going back to school for online nursing masters programs, eco appliances help with daily routines and save electricity and water. Most every household appliance has an eco-counterpart. Eco-appliances such as blenders, coffee makers, and washer and dryers not only help new members of society but also help them become more responsible to, and aware of, the environment with their energy saving features. There are even eco hot dog grills that use less energy and cook in less time. What grad or continuing student doesn’t love that?
  5. Timeless Time Piece. If you want to give a meaningful piece of jewelry to your new grad, what better way to give them something forever, and don’t worry, it’s not diamonds. Watches are now made out of anything from recycled wood, organic cotton, bamboo, recycled fabrics, corn resin, and are lead free. Some eco watches use mercury free batteries or use solar power technology that never requires a battery change.
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