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Going Green with Waste Management & Recycling

Deciding to go green is not only a noble effort, but it will help future generations and the environment. It’s the day-to-day actions and the habits you develop that matter most when it comes to recycling. Finding effective ways to reduce your energy consumption is worthwhile for yourself and the planet in so many ways – from saving you money to improving your health; ‘going green’ is worth the efforts. So when it comes to recycling, it is important to know what you can and can’t recycle. On top of bottles, cans, cardboard and paper, we can recondition so many more things. By utilising an efficient waste management system and focusing on responsible environmental practices, you can make a difference to the future.

Here is a list of things you can recycle that you didn’t realise, and the ways in which you can do it:

  • Food: Keep better track of your grocery shopping as 1/3 of food goes to waste. Think about the money you would be saving, and how guiltless you would feel if you didn’t have to throw away your food at the end of a meal. Egg shells, coffee grounds, tea bags, fruit and vegetable peelings, and seed and cores can all be added to your compost bin.
  • Furniture: Consider dropping off your used furniture at a homeless shelter instead of sending it to a landfill. Even mattresses can be recycled if the condition of it is still usable. A good way to tell is if you would sleep on it in.
  • Computers & Electronics: Erase your hard drive first before you recycle it. Even mobile phones can be recycled, especially if it is still current technology. Consider selling electronics on eBay or giving them away.
  • Scrap metal: Not only will you create more space by cleaning out your garage, but scrap metals are in huge demand from metal dealers. Get a waste disposal company to pick up your scraps – you can even make some money if you have LOTS of it.

If it can’t be reused, then it can most likely be recycled. By recycling everything in your life, you can reduce the amount of stuff that gets sent to landfills, and feel better knowing you’re making a difference to the environment.

By implementing a waste management strategy and sticking to it, you can put more money in your pocket. Encourage good behaviour in the workplace and at home by recycling and make the world a better place.

Clay Miller
the authorClay Miller
I am the creator/writer of and I'm an advocate for oceans, beaches, state parks. I enjoy all things outdoors (e.g. running, golf, gardening, hiking, etc.) I am a graduate of the University of Kentucky (Go Wildcats!!). I'm also a huge fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers. I was born and raised in the beautiful state of Kentucky.

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