London’s Greatest Green Areas

Known as one of the most beautiful cities in Britain, the concrete jungle of London has a lot to offer. When you strip back the skyscrapers and remove the city traffic you’re left with some stunning green scenes. Below we have listed our favourite London green areas where you can enjoy a gentle stroll, have a picnic or even take in some art.

1. Hyde Park

It’s hard to imagine a list of London’s greatest green areas and not have Hyde Park featured in it. It’s the home of the Wireless festival, Hard Rock Calling and the Diana Memorial Fountain. During the London Olympic 2012 Games, Hyde Park will be hosting the men and women’s triathlon and the women and men’s 10km marathon swimming events, but will remain open to the general public throughout the Games. It is the perfect place to visit if you enjoy the music scene or love to catch some Olympic sport.

2. Regent’s Park

Not only does this green area provide families with the chance to enjoy a picnic surrounded by beautiful green trees, it also offers the opportunity to see some animals at the London Zoo.

From open theatre to playing a variety of sports at The Hub, there is so much for you to do and see in Regent’s Park, earning it a spot on this list as one of the very greatest London green areas.

3. Kensington Gardens

If art is a passion of yours then the green area for you to visit is Kensington Gardens. It is home to some of the capital’s greatest architecture, exquisite avenues and one of the best London galleries, the Serpentine Gallery. Each year the Kensington Gardens welcomes over seven million visitors a year with many wishing to see the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground, Peter Pan Statue and the Albert Memorial.

4. Greenwich Park

If capturing a glimpse of wildlife within the walls of the city is high on your list of things to do, then Greenwich Park is where you need to visit. It is a safe haven for deer, birds and foxes and covers almost 183 acres of green land.

During the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Greenwich Park will be hosting the Olympic Equestrian and Modern Pentathlon events as well as the Paralympic Equestrian events and will be closed until 4th August.

5. St James’s Park

However, if culture and history is what interests you when visiting London then you’re sure to think that St James’s Park is nothing less than enchanting. Around the border of this famous park you will find three royal palaces, including the Houses of Parliament. This spectacular green area has captured the imaginations of thousands of people including an impressive list of film directors. Woody Allen, for example, chose to film part of his film Match Point at St James’s Park, whereas 101 Dalmatians and Die Another Day were also used for filming in this famous park.

There are many parks and green areas for you to visit, but what makes these top London parks the best is that they are so different and offer every visitor something unique. Why not have a picnic in St James’s Park and try to remember the scenes from the films above, or take a stroll around Regent’s Park and find yourself in a zoo?

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