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5 Eco-Conscious Green TV Shows

When you sit down to veg in front of the tube for a few hours, chances are you aren’t thinking about the environment the entire time. Luckily, the producers, directors and crews of certain shows do think about being Earth-conscious, so you can feel better about doing your part just by watching. No, sitting in front of an eco conscious TV show might not be as effective as recycling or riding your bike to work, but when it comes to slacktivism, it’s enough to make you feel the tiniest bit proactive. Check out some of the greenest shows on TV.

The Killing
Unfortunately, AMC’s murder mystery show was not asked back for a third season, but you can still watch reruns with confidence that you’re doing the planet a good turn. The cast and crew for the intense show make sure that they avoid stuff like plastic bottles and refrigerators on set, instead lugging coolers and reusable bottles from place to place. And the actors are known for their green habits as well, with Jamie Anne Allman relying on natural skin products and recycling to keep her trailer as green as possible.

The remake of the crazy-popular ’80s show is more modern in a few different ways. Not only has J.R.’s son grown up to be the newest head honcho, but the show also focuses on a better green sensibility for the oil tycoons. For instance, electric cars like the Chevy Volt and Tesla Roadster get a solid representation, while solar energy gets a shout-out as the wave of the future. The show focuses on the younger generation, with ideas surrounding sustainable energy resources and even eating healthier, greener meals as part of the juicy storylines.

Betcha didn’t think a group of people dropped on an island somewhere could be so green, but the producers over at “Survivor” take the environment very seriously. Before filming, the chosen area is first sectioned off and cleaned for better scenery, while the focus on a new tourist destination helps provide sustainable income for smaller areas of the world. The show’s producers photograph the filming area before and after, always making sure to leave the beaches and jungle better than they found it first.

NBC shows
NBC is making a change toward greener energy and the network wants that change to be reflected in its shows. That’s why many NBC shows, such as “30 Rock” and “The Biggest Loser” have been asked to write green undertones into their existing storylines and challenges. For instance, you might see a character dropping a bottle into a recycling bin rather than a garbage can. Or, like in a recent episode of “The Office,” the environment takes center stage with an arc about Dwight Schrute’s character Recyclops. It’s a sneaky but sensible way to make viewers more conscious about the environment in a witty and non-pushy way.

Honorable mention: Jersey Shore
OK, so our favorite team of guidos doesn’t exactly go out of its way to clean up the beach or make sure to turn off running water. And you know their tanning beds probably eat up a lot of electricity. But still, you have to hand it to the “Jersey Shore” cast; they definitely know how to save water. I mean, when everyone uses the same hot tub water, there’s an element of conservation involved, right? It’s a bit of a stretch, but it’s the most positive thing I can say about the show.

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