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Earth Education Project: Empowering Women in Nicaragua

The Earth Education Project (EEP) is a registered UK Charity providing women in Nicaragua with education and employment opportunities.

Pneumonia, asthma, TB, malaria and conjunctivitis are common in La Chureca, Nicaragua. Medicine is not free in Nicaragua so the Earth Education Project supports 50% of the women’s and their family’s medical costs, providing a safety net so that food, work or school are not sacrificed for illness. They do all of this by selling the products the women make and through receiving grants and donations. 100% of sales and donations go directly to the women.

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EEP teaches women who live in La Chureca, Central America’s largest rubbish dump, to recycle scrap paper by hand and to produce one-off works of art on cards, books and bags. The women receive an economic learning stipend for participating in the workshop which they feed and support their families with.

EEP empowers women so they can lift their families out of poverty. 80% of Nicaraguans live below the poverty line – less than $2 a day. They struggle to feed their children, provide for their families, or simply survive.

EEP provides women with education, family nutrition, social development and healthcare programs.

Paper recycling

Following time-honored paper recycling techniques the women recycle scrap paper by hand into artisan paper and create unique, high quality cards. To make the project sustainable their aim is for the women to run the workshop and train other women.

School classes

45% of girls in Nicaragua do not finish primary school. EEP teaches those in their project starting from the age of 15 to read and write and fill that gap in their education.

Nutrition workshops

The EEP nutrition workshops teach mothers what food is needed and when so they can ensure their families are receiving the right nutrients for healthy development. EEP grows vegetables, teach them to cook healthily and provide food baskets.

Social development

Monthly social development workshops focus on issues prevalent in the community including domestic abuse, HIV/AIDS and pregnancy.

“I know in the future things will be better for me. The workshop provides me with an opportunity to learn. I have stability now and work with dignity. The project has supported me in my most difficult moments.”
Maudelia, 19 EEP Nicaragua

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