How Intrusive is Solar Power Installation?

How many of us find it hard to absorb new things into our busy lives – even if we know they’re the right thing to do? Tasks such as ‘Switch all the lightbulbs’, ‘Register for carpool’ and ‘Make homemade chemical-free cleaning products’ often seem to languish around forever on the To-Do List. And if the little eco-switches don’t get done, it will seem beyond the realms of possibility to get round to tackling the perceived biggies…

So it’s no surprise that solar power is something a lot of people want to do, but we don’t get round to doing it. Then you read something, or hear that so-and-so has just got it, and you think ‘Yes! I must look into that…’ but deep down you are probably picturing upheaval, a building site, builders making a mess everywhere and serving endless refreshments for days to men up ladders grunting about delays, problems and unexpected setbacks.

Quick, Tidy and Fuss-Free
If that sounds familiar, the good news is – you’re wrong. Solar panel installation has come a long way in the last few years. It is now quick, easy and fuss-free, with minimal impact on your home. Installation for an average size home system only takes two or three days. The whole process is relatively mess-free, but installers these days are very well-trained and make sure any disarray is quickly tidied away! Before they begin, make sure the areas they’ll be working in (attic, outside area and electric box) are clear. You will experience a little bit of noise, and there will be a short period of no power (but not long, and never overnight, just while the team are there).

Step 1 – On the Roof
Your installers start by fixing and integrating the electric panels to your roof – this normally take 2 days to complete, depending on the size of the system. This usually works with your existing roof covering and doesn’t interfere with your water tightness or roof integrity. Tiles are removed to integrate the system. This may be the most intrusive bit, but enjoy it – after all you are literally shouting your green credentials from the rooftops! Then the panels are all linked up electrically and we feed the cables into your attic (or similar allocated room).

Step 2 – Indoor Electricals
Inside, there are switches to install, as well as the inverter (converts the current into a/c for your home) and total generation meter, which measures what your system generates. The final step in wiring up your house is running a cable from the system to the fuse box.

Step 3 – The Grand Opening!
You can then do the honours of turning your new system on. You start collecting and generating solar power immediately! The team will talk you through how it all works and answer all your questions. And that’s it – just sit back and start collecting free energy. Check the inverter now and again if you want to be excited all over again by how much your new system is generating.

Far from a nightmare – getting solar power for your home is as easy as 1-2-3. There’s no reason to let it slip off your To-Do List, so call your local installer today to find out more. Tick it off your list and give yourself more time to tackle those home-made cleaning products!

Southern Solar is one of the UK’s most experienced installers of solar thermal and solar PV, for homes, businesses and communities.

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