Natural Home Cleaning Products You Can Make Yourself

Whether you are about to take on your bi-annual deep cleaning project or you’re just doing your quick routine speed-clean, there is no need to suffer through those toxic fumes and potentially harmful chemicals. There are tons of excellent environmentally friendly products on the market. But before you dole out the ash to ease your green conscious, know that there are common household products that you can make yourself that will have your home squeaky clean, freshly fragrant and safe for your family.

Having an all-purpose cleaner on hand is essential. This is usually the harshest of cleaners that you have in your home, but cleaners don’t have to be chemical-laden or pricey to be effective. Make your own from natural ingredients that you may already have in your cupboards. Mix vinegar, baking soda (or borax) with water into a paste for an excellent all-purpose cleaner. This mixture is very effective in cleaning the bathroom and kitchen. It is extremely effective at removing hard water deposits and mold.

With tile grout bathroom mold being a common problem and growing health concern try mixing hydrogen peroxide with water. Spray it on the areas with mold, wait at least an hour and voila. Unsightly and potentially harmful mold disappears.

Natural carpet cleaning products can also be made at home. Tough carpet stains can have even the most green of us reaching for a store bought carpet cleaner that may contain toxic ingredients. But have no fear there are natural ways to remove carpet stains that will allow you to be true and vigilant in your quest to obtain a green clean. Make a mix of equal parts vinegar and water and spray directly on the stain. For stubborn, heavy duty stains and fresh grease spots, Make a mixture of vinegar and water ad add salt and borax to the mix. Leave mixture rubbed into the carpet for a few hours and vacuum the stain away naturally.

Making furniture cleaner/polish at home with natural ingredients is also a snap. Just add a few drops of lemon oil to warm water and lemon juice. But do not spray the mixture directly on your wood. Spray a small amount onto a soft cotton cloth. The cloth should be just slightly damp. Wipe the surface once more with a dry cotton cloth to help distribute the mixture evenly.

Laundry detergent is the main cleaning product that most eco-conscious consumers make at home. Going beyond that first step of purchasing commercial biodegradable, natural detergent, there is a growing trend to make one’s own laundry detergent. Like the other mentioned homemade natural products mentioned in this article, making laundry detergent at home is a breeze. Mix natural Ivory soap, washing soda and borax. Of all soaps Ivory is considered to be the most holistic. No access to washing soda? No problem. It’s easy to make. Its just baking soda! Fill a wide baking dish with baking soda. Heat it in the oven at 400 degrees. When baking soda is heated up it the chemical make up changes. It breaks down and becomes washing soda, water, and carbon dioxide. Make as much or as little as you need.

When thinking of making your own natural cleaning products, also think about companies that use their own home made products when hiring someone for your annual professional deep clean. Live in Michigan? Research the number of Grand Rapids cleaning services that operate frugally and environmentally by making their own products too.

These are just a few easy natural cleaning products that you can make at home to continue living an eco-friendly, purposeful, waste managing life.

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