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Product Review: Project Recycling T-Shirt

We’ve heard of clothing being made of recycled materials including plastic, but most haven’t actually worn these products. I now have had the opportunity thanks to the “500 Billion Pound” t-shirt from They were nice enough to send a shirt to me to try out.

These eco-friendly t-shirts are made from 50% organic cotton and 50% recycled PET plastic, the same type of plastic water bottles are made from. In fact, each shirt contains approximately three 20oz water bottles inside. The “500 Billion Pound” t-shirt represents the amount of trash American produce each year. Of this huge amount only 34% is recycled and the rest is either incinerated or put in landfills. That is the message of Project Recycling: “Reducing the landfill of plastic waste through design”.

As soon as I first saw the shirt I knew it would be comfortable. It is soft and even after days of wearing it still more comfortable than any ordinary cotton shirt. It holds up to the washing machine and dryer. It remains soft and comfortable and fits very well. It is an attractive shirt with a strong message and a nice design.

From the Project Recycling website:

Project Recycling is where eco-friendly clothing meets recycling. Our goal is to raise awareness for recycling while physically reducing the landfill of post-industrial plastic waste. We accomplish this through:

  1. Promoting and selling our recycling themed, eco-friendly t-shirts to raise awareness and educate people about the need for recycling in America.
  2. Using the proceeds from t-shirt sales to fund recycling projects throughout the country.

In fact, 100% of the proceeds are used to setup industrial recycling programs throughout the nation. The funds from selling t-shirts can help recycle approximately 300 pounds of plastic waste.

Project Recycling is an eco-friendly business with a great message and products. I look forward to having my t-shirt for years to come. I would recommend the shirt to everyone and also learning more about Project Recycling.

Clay Miller
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