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Cycling Health Benefits

People say that if you know how to ride a bicycle, you can mostly do the same with any car. I don’t know if this makes sense, but it surely attaches that enigmatic wisdom. Though it did not work out for me, still, the thought was deep rooted. When I was nearly about at the age of seven, I would practice every morning just because I would want to be able to drive a Lamborghini Reventon in the future, discounting apart the benefits I may acquire from it. However, when I got a hang of it, had continued the journey, and was able to understand its nature, I fell in love with cycling. I can ride my bicycle almost anywhere, at any time, and without spending me some fortune. I ride on it when I go to plazas to play bocce balls with my friends, or in the forest for a rough adventure feel. I just love how bumps can give me that needed adrenaline rush to start off the day afresh.

Cycling, aside from the fun it offers, has a lot of health benefits. Major gains are seen on:

  • Strength. Conversed to our little perceptions, this fitness activity isn’t solely about the legs. It also develops our strength in a holistic manner since every part of our bodies is involved.
  • Muscular tone. Many people are repelled doing such sports like soccer and football, because of the high level of skill that seems to be required. Thus, less commitment is established. However, in cycling, once you have learned it, you never forget. Cycling perks up our general muscle function increasingly. Note: There might be a little strain for over- exercising. It is great for the mobility of hip and knee joints, which eventually helps in strengthening our leg muscles.
  • Stamina. It is effective in building around our stamina as it deceives us from exhausting because of so much enjoyment.
  • Hearth vigor. Cycling does not only contribute to a person’s well- being. It is also essential for gaining a healthy heart. According to researches, people who don’t exercise have high risks of developing major chronic diseases such as stroke, diabetes, cancer, and coronary heart diseases.
  • Muscle Coordination. Since cycling involves the whole body, arm-to-leg, feet-to-hands, and body-to-eye coordination are improved. Vitality and sense of sight are also sharpened.
  • Calories loss. Calories are burned, thus helping you lose that unwanted pounds. Also, it helps boosts metabolic rate.

These are just some of the many benefits one can get from cycling, whether as a hobby or a sport. However, when incorporating cycling into an over-all fitness program, there are many aspects to consider like:

  • Consulting the doctor, in order to get some advice regarding your limits and capacities from the activity. Also, to know what you should be avoiding;
  • Getting the right equipments for safety, in order to keep you protected if you fall onto the ground. These gears will help reduce possibilities for injury such as scratches, cuts and wounds; and
  • Choosing the right bike for your lifestyle, in order to complement you and your body’s preference. It can be a dirt bike, mountain bike, or the typical street bike. It can be big or small. As long as it fits your standards.

Certainly, cycling is one of the best ways for people to achieve good health and fitness.

Author Bio: Jess Iglesias grew up with sports in his hometown Erie, New York. After graduating from the Bryant & Stratton College, he wrote for sports- themed magazines. His favorite historic sports moment he witnessed was The Rugby World Cup in South Africa in 1995. Now, he has authored a book, and is working as an online content coordinator for Bocce Ball, ( You may follow him on Twitter at @jessiglesias1.

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