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Nowadays, going green is one of the major goals of any modern corporation. This is a well-known aspect of corporate sustainability. A business should take up the strategic approach of being a positive influence in the social, cultural, and environmental sphere. Apart from that, a business entity aiming for better corporate sustainability should practice greater transparency and improve employee development.

One of the more effective initiatives to establish green business practices is to opt for green printing. This is when a business entity chooses to practice better printing management. Not only will it reduce the environmental effect of the business, effective print management can result in various benefits for the business as well. For example, a company that chooses to use managed print services will see a reduction in the total cost of ownership (TCO).

The TCO is defined as the lifetime costs of acquiring, operating, and changing parts of assets. Most of the time, it affects the value of assets that are usually used as a bigger part of the business capital. Moreover, the TCO also covers the costs that are related to the asset. Therefore, in many cases, the long-term cost related to a particular asset displays a great difference; sometimes, it can exceed the cost of the asset itself.

This highlights the importance of managed prints. Most of these services provide printing equipment on long-term lease. Additionally, such services are accompanied by specialised IT support, supervision, and if requested by the company, the vendor supplies paper, ink and other items necessary for printing.

In many ways, these options allow a company to reduce its overhead cost, especially in terms of paper used, energy consumption, and IT personnel that would otherwise be required to oversee such operations, if carried out in-house. In this manner, the company has already begun the journey of establishing its position as a green-compliant company by taking steps to reduce its carbon footprint.

A company may also preserve its available resources by using recycled paper. This simple action delays the addition of used paper to landfills and minimises overall water and energy consumption used to produce “new” paper. A company that aims to develop greener business practices is usually highly recommended by and to individuals who care about creating a greener environment. This sets a positive example for employees, which also boosts morale and company loyalty. Moreover, a company that defines this approach as one of its core visions would usually also be the company that aims for better corporate sustainability. In other words, it would produce a better work environment.

Practicing eco-friendly business habits, such as green printing, can improve work efficiency and help to reduce operating costs. It also helps a company gain a competitive advantage by being known as a company that is green compliant. In addition, the company also develops a positive and better relationship with local compliance assessors, which will improve public perception of the company. Going green is an incremental process. A company must take several small steps and focus its efforts in generating a meaningful impact.

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Working as business analyst in Brisbane, Jim is very much interested in environment friendly printing business solutions. He writes about new challenges coming up in next year’s in the industry which can help new and established green printing businesses in Brisbane. Know more about green printing:

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