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How Solid Ink Technology Can Revolutionise Your Office

It is said there are over one million solid ink printers and copiers in use at the time of writing. Each serving thousands of customers that provide millions of pages each and every year, it is a technology that has fast cut costs and improved productivity for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and larger conglomerates alike.

Although it may appear to be a new, revolutionary addition to market, solid ink is not in fact a new phenomenon. Developed in 1991, each new generation of solid ink has been successfully evolved by leading printer provider, Xerox.

The beauty of Solid Ink Technology is that businesses do not need to compromise on quality. The solid ink print image is mechanically transferred from paper in a precise state without the ink spreading onto the paper. This makes its colour quality far less dependent on the paper’s surface. Subsequently businesses can use lower quality paper for all of their printing needs.

Although some will argue that Solid Ink Technology produces waste ink, waste is not unique to solid ink alone. Laser printers produce waste toner that is not only expensive to dispose of and is potentially harmful to the environment. While a waste toner bottle cannot be recycled, waste from solid ink is non-toxic and can be safely disposed of within any local recycling scheme.

Xerox has also gone to great lengths to make sure that its solid ink technology printers boast power-saving features that can help businesses save money on energy bills. Its ‘Intelligent Ready’ software is designed to move solid ink printers into a power save ‘standby’ mode when users are least likely to use the machine.

Compared with colour laser printing technology, solid ink is capable of generating up to 90 per cent less printing waste. Primarily this is due to the fact there are no cartridges for businesses to dispose of and less packaging is therefore added to landfill.

Cartridge-free solid ink is designed to lower running costs, reducing the number of parts customers require to be replaced and subsequently producing colour prints at a greatly reduced cost.

Choosing a solid ink printer over the normal laser printer has many advantages, not only to your company’s expenses but it will also benefit the environment as the world seeks to implement conservation measures and policies.

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How Solid Ink Technology can revolutionise your office was written by First Choice Business Systems, the experienced leaders in providing efficient, environmentally friendly printing in the workplace that enhances productivity. With over 130 years of combined experience in the industry and an extensive partner network including Xerox, INVU and Formic, make them your first choice for the best possible printing solutions at the lowest production costs.

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