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Do the Public Care About Renewable Energy?

Renewable energy has been at the forefront of the energy saving debates and conversations, and is ultimately the future of the Earth’s energy supplies. Fossil fuels, including coal, gas and oil are all finite sources, and will one day run out, and their supplies will not be replenished.

One of the major issues which the public seem effected by is the price of renewable energy. The forms of renewable energy available to the public, such as solar panels within the household, can often induce large costs, which is an expensive and often unattractive alternative to more common fossil fuel producers.

Solar Photovoltaic panels are designed to generate electricity through the collection of solar energy. The size and type of structure will determine the amount of energy produced, and an average PV system of 3kWp costs about £7,700. The more electricity generated, means you save more money, however the initial cost will be more to implement it. This cost is often too much as a start-up price, especially when you don’t see immediate gain.

More communication between energy suppliers and the general public may benefit all, allowing discussion and compromise which may result in more members of the public choosing to use their own renewables.

Another occasion which seems to earn renewable energy much publicity and press attention is wind power. By March 2012, the UK was ranked the world’s 8th largest producer of wind power, from 3,506 turbines nationwide. This increase in production of wind power has caused rifts of public opinion, for both support and opposition of them.

Many people agree that wind turbines and wind farms are detrimental to the local environment and the aesthetic beauty of the landscape. In addition to this, these have been known to cause accidents due to bad weather and electrical issues, which has created further conflict over the turbines.

Despite the resistance, wind energy production may be what we rely on for energy in the future, so should the public try to see the positives to them?

By spending time educating the general public on the severity of the need for dependable, renewable energy, perhaps there can be a nationwide understanding and cooperation into the further building and development of wind farms and turbines across the country. When an understanding is reached as to the necessity for everyone of using renewables, maybe then public awareness and care for them will increase.

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Clay Miller
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  • Sadly most people do not care anywhere near enough about renewable energy – they often just want to pay the least amount for their energy use.

    Everyone thinks renewables are more expensive but this is a very short term view because as oil and gas prices rise (which they will), renewables will likely end up being cheaper but it might then be too late to roll them out on a large enough scale to prevent serious climate change.

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